A self-service ticketing solution you’ll love

TicketCo puts everything you care about in one place, so you can manage your events with ease.


Minimise work, maximise sales

At TicketCo, we believe that everything you need should be one click away – and if it’s not in front of you, you probably don’t need it right now. 


Complete flexibility

Ticketing managers must constantly deal with changes and disruptions. With TicketCo, you can quickly define or redefine details, seating capacities, and pricing. 

product-ticketing-icon-in-venue access-control

In-venue access control

Ensure the safety of your event attendees with our mobile app. All your staff needs is a smartphone or tablet. 


Prevent overbooking for good

All online and on-site ticket sales are integrated on our platform, meaning you can take payments at the venue without ever worrying about overcapacity. 


What’s in it for you?

Increased sales and revenue
Reduced operating costs
Simplified workload – only focus on tasks that matter
A seamless, lightning-fast ticket buying experience for all
Sell tickets without needing hardware, licences, or equipment
Complete control over your data

Put your brand front and centre

It’s not about us – it’s about you. We let your brand shine across our software for cross-device continuity. You can even sell tickets directly from your website using TicketCo. 

product-ticketing-icon--create new-revenue

Create new revenue streams

With TicketCo, you can do more than sell tickets. We let you offer upselling and bundling packages, so you can increase your sales and curate better experiences for ticket buyers.


Key features

Unlimited ticket types
360° ticket distribution

(e.g. SMS, email, Apple Wallet)

Customisable branding
Compatible with any device
Quick and efficient access control via the TicketCo mobile app
Powerful real-time reports
Complete access to your customer database
A wide range of integration options

(e.g. Zapier, Facebook Pixel, Google Ads)

Content distribution

(e.g. live streaming, video on demand)

Success Stories

“By using TicketCo Media Services we can broadcast the documentary how we want it, when we want to and hit the audience we want to reach. It is a perfect solution.”
“This was an easy decision for us to make after a very positive one year trial. We wanted to experience that everything ran as it should, and it sure did.”
“The analytics and insights you must have for your customers are really important. It’s a very powerful tool and one we haven’t had in 53 years of hosting our fireworks display.”
“We are doing a redo of the tournament. We have to change with the times and add value to our ticket buyers.”

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