Carl-Erik Michalsen Moberg
Mar 27, 2023

Absolutely hating it, and absolutely loving it


Meet Aamir Javaid, Head of Ticketing at Birmingham City FC

If true passion for ticketing from an early age is the metric, then Aamir Javaid is the king of kings within the ticketing space.

Birmingham City’s Head of Ticketing has been a regular guest at the box office ever since his childhood days, when he had a deep and sincere fascination for men in suits with screens in front of them being able to dictate where you sit and where you don’t sit at the stadium.

Exploring the differences between Football and Cricket ticketing

The fact that he is a devoted Arsenal fan has not stopped him from a career at the ticketing department at St Andrews, where he started as a Sales Assistant and has worked his way up to Head of Ticketing and along this route also built strong emotional ties to the club and their fans.

He is a firm believer in data driven decisions, and his skills and devotion for ticketing got him engaged both as a Ticketing Systems Support capacity at the Rugby League World Cup in 2021 and Ticketing Venue Manager at Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games on top of his duties at Birmingham City FC.

In this episode of, Aamir Javaid shares his views on where ticketing is heading and how to get there, and the importance of a strong team to succeed as a ticketing manager. He also dives into the beauty of local derbies and the Blues’ rivalry with Aston Villa , and he recaptures the paradox and difficulties of playing away matches at home during the two seasons when St Andrews also was the temporary home turf of Coventry City.


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The excitements of local derbies

The local derby between Birmingham City FC and Aston Villa are among the absolute classics in English football, and the rivalry between the two sides is immense despite playing in different leagues 11 out of the last 20 seasons.

In this bonus episode of, Birmingham City’s Head of Ticketing, Aamir Javaid, gives us an insight into this rivalry and tells the story about the Birmingham City fan and father who refused to talk to his daughter’s boyfriend, who was an Aston Villa supporter.

He also reveals whether or not there is a secret backdoor to the box office at St Andrews. is powered and sponsored by TicketCo and hosted by TicketCo’s CEO, Carl-Erik Michalsen Moberg.
The podcast was recorded on 23 February 2023.

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