Tom Rasmussen
Apr 23, 2024

Sam Earle (AFC Wimbledon) on Advancing Ticketing, Season Ticket No-Shows and the Football Governance Bill

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What’s life like day-to-day in the English Football League, how can we tackle season ticket no-shows, and what implications does the Football Governance Bill have for ticketing? These are just a few of the queries we're exploring in this episode with Sam Earle, Events Operations Manager at AFC Wimbledon.

Formerly the Events and Ticketing Manager at Sutton United FC, Sam's outstanding work and his openness in sharing insights made AFC Wimbledon take notice, prompting his move from Gander Green Lane to the Cherry Red Records Stadium (affectionately known as Plough Lane to many). His willingness to share has also welcomed him into the virtual studio of as our 22nd guest.

Discover how targeted communications and data-driven approaches can increase match day attendance, and why avoiding the discount trap can build long-term value for your audience. If you're intrigued by the behind-the-scenes action that shapes the sports industry, this episode is your ticket to understanding the strategies that score big with fans.

Also: Find out why your real competitors in sports business might just be the next family barbecue and how networking, be it through LinkedIn or podcasts, can be a game-changer for industry professionals.


Sam's distinctive perspectives on ticketing make for a fascinating conversation. In this episode, he divulges key takeaways:

- Recognise every action's unintended consequence and manage them proactively. In ticketing initiatives, it’s about creating as many winners as possible while being mindful of the impact on all fans.

- Commit to innovation and progress. Sam's ethos is not to emulate others blindly but to drive change and advance the dialogue in ticketing.

"Let's constantly try and move that conversation forward," Sam urges. "If we all innovate in our respective roles, collectively, we'll achieve greater strides."

Join us for a thought-provoking 25 minutes of in-depth ticketing discourse.

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