Tom Rasmussen
Apr 19, 2024

Daniel Cook (WRU | Principality Stadium on seamless matchday operations and digital ticketing transformations

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The iconic Principality Stadium in Wales, with its impressive 74,000 seating capacity, isn't just the heart of of Welsh rugby. It is also the pulse of a vibrant event scene; hosting shows with superstars such as Taylor Swift and Bruce Springsteen. 

At the helm of this thrilling atmosphere is Daniel Cook, WRU’s Manager of Digital Ticketing & Customer Operations.

In this episode, Daniel offers us a glimpse into the operational heartbeat of the Welsh Rugby Union and the array of spectacular events that light up the stadium. Attracting over 1.3 million visitors annually, Principality Stadium stands tall among Europe's elite not only in scale but also in popularity.

The WRU, with an astounding 99.5% digital ticketing rate, has revolutionised event entry at the stadium—a story of transformation that Daniel unfolds in his talk with our host, Carl-Erik Michalsen Moberg, CEO of TicketCo.

Daniel also unveils how the WRU manages seamless matchday operations with a lean team and how leveraging customer data enhance engagement before and during events, funnelling fans to the WRU app for a rich interactive experience.


But it's not just about entering the gates—it's about being part of an evolving digital narrative that begins way before the event and resonates long after. Discover the strategic symphony of managing sold-out SixNations rugby clashes and headline concerts as the Principality Stadium emerges as a pinnacle of modern, memorable experiences.

Join us to delve into Daniel’s commitment to elevating live sports events,where digital innovation isn't just imminent—it's already reshaping our celebratory chants and the very way we experience the game.

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