Apr 10, 2018

Be more productive with Zapier - How-to guide


Adding workflow automation to your daily working life is key for busy event organisers. We show you how you can use Zapier to turn your monotonous tasks into a well-oiled machine, without the need for any technical skills or codes.

Are you automating your workflow or are you spending a lot of time on manual data entry and importing and exporting between platforms? This can actually be the difference between fail and success of event management.

Another upside with automation is that it will ensure complete accuracy, whilst manual input poses with the inevitable risk of human errors.

Choosing to strategically automate digital tasks needs to be embraced by every event organiser today. This enables you to do more, to do things better and it will free up your valuable time. It’s a new way of working, but not entirely new – it’s happening right now and it’s important to stay ahead and not lag behind.

Are you ready? It’s not difficult.

Start by creating an account for free with Zapier.

Zapier is very easy to use and the most popular way to connect tools online. And it’s entirely free to use! It effortlessly integrates online applications, and with only a few clicks your favourite tools will “hook up” and the data will flow through between them with automated actions – these are called ‘zaps’.

Now you’re ready to automate your workflow with endless opportunities. We will cover some examples for you to get a taste of a whole new world of working:

Marketing & social

  • Automate your social feed – Create a zap starting with your RSS feed, and zap it with your accounts on Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin. Once created the postings will happen automatically for you!
  • Collect all your audience engagements into Google Sheets – Create a zap starting with your accounts on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn, and zap it with a Google Sheet. Now you will automatically get all followers, mentions, comments and shares into one place so you can get to know your audience. Create reports and share the Google Sheet with colleagues to keep everyone in the loop about what your audience are saying and doing online.
  • Organise your content research – When you find useful articles and posts online that you want to read later, create a post about or re-post to your followers you bookmark it. Perhaps you use Pocket or Google Keep? Create a zap from your bookmark tool, and zap it into a Google Sheet or directly into your Buffer queue for an easy overview. The articles you’d like to re-post you can then zap directly to your social accounts using example 1 in this article.
  • Automate internal content management – Create a zap from your blog’s Disqus application, and zap the comments directly into your and your team’s Slack notifications for maximum visibility and fast response.

Email list management

Automate your email list management and never export and import again! Examples:

  • Build your subscriber list automatically – Zap the email addresses from your Gmail contacts, Facebook lead ad leads, Google Form submissions, Intercom etc straight into your MailChimp new subscriber list.
  • Move your leads automatically over to your CRM – Make a zap from your MailChimp account, and zap the new email subscribers into your Hubspot contacts, Slack notifications or zap the ready deals into Pipedrive.
  • Automatic email list updates – Also use a MailChimp to MailChimp zap to remove or add emails automatically that have been added to a different list.

Nurturing new leads with automatic messages

  • A semi-personalised response email to your Google Form respondents.
  • Send automatic thank you Tweets to people sharing your articles.
  • Create a zap that sends an automatic direct message to your new Twitter followers, informing them the details about your event.

The TicketCo Zapier connector

With TicketCo the customer data belongs to you, and therefore we have made sure you can utilise all the greatness of Zapier. We are happy to offer a Zapier connector where you can extract all transaction data, with all the information associated with it, such as ticket buyer contact details, purchased goods and revenue. This means that you suddenly have the capability of effortlessly automating everything in digital and sales about your event end-to-end.

Here are just a few some examples of how you can zap it with TicketCo:

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