Jan 7, 2022

Carl-Erik Michalsen Moberg appointed new CEO of TicketCo

Carl-Erik Michalsen Moberg - CEO TicketCo

Co-founder and former CSO Carl-Erik Michalsen Moberg has been appointed as the new CEO of TicketCo. Together with the board, senior management team and wider colleagues he will now build the company to become an even stronger value creator in the event industry globally.

In a short announcement issued today, TicketCo confirmed Kåre Bottolfsen has departed as CEO from January 4th 2022 and Carl-Erik Michalsen Moberg had been appointed with immediate effect. In a statement from the Board it thanked Kåre for his significant contribution to the company’s growth since he co-founded it in 2012 with Carl-Erik.

In the statement the Board said: “As should happen in ambitious fast growth companies the Board and CEO have had discussions and differing views about future direction and strategy. We wish Kåre Bottolfsen all the best of luck with new ventures and can confirm he is remaining available to ensure a smooth transition process in the best interests of the company’s customers, employees, partners and suppliers. We are pleased to announce Carl-Erik Michalsen Moberg has been appointed as the new CEO with immediate effect. Carl-Erik co-founded the company in 2012 and has been a key player in the company’s positive development since its inception. Along with senior colleagues he will now work on a further strategy for the company. The company’s core values of honest, engaged and innovative will be central to this work alongside continued growth creation and a sharp customer focus.”

Continued innovation

Following his appointment Carl-Erik said: “We will continue to create value both for our customers and investors.

When the pandemic hit our industry almost two years ago, we quickly pivoted and developed new technology that has helped event organisers survive and thrive. Now is the time to finalise all the initiatives we have been developing which will make us an even more complete supplier for our key markets.

“We were named ‘Best sales technology’ and ‘Best pivot from physical to virtual’ at the Event Technology Awards in London in October. This is a testament to the quality of our product and our team. We have strengthened our management team and other departments recently with experienced and dedicated professionals and entered new territories. As the new CEO is will be a pleasure to lead such talented colleagues.”

On-going investment in our customers and colleagues

As part of the company’s vision the new CEO also plans to invest more in colleagues and connect even more closely with customers.

To take the customers first, I, as a CSO, have been close to them ever since we started the company in 2012,” said Carl-Erik. “We have evolved in line with our customers’ needs and have always listened to them and developed our product accordingly. We will continue to do this to an even greater extent.

“TicketCo is not a static product, but rather a vibrant and dynamic service provider that our customers should be able to rely on both in terms of the services we provide and how we deliver them. We will always provide easy to use, solid technology while restlessly pursuing even better solutions for our customers.

“The key to achieve this I believe lies in my colleagues. The last two years have been challenging for all of us. We serve an industry that makes a living from creating experiences, but we ourselves have largely sat in home offices in Norway, Sweden, England, Wales and Ukraine. TicketCo has always been a good place to work, and even if the pandemic is by no means over, we will now look at how we can continue to strengthen our community. We always work best as a team.”

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