Tom Rasmussen
Feb 14, 2024

Dynamic pricing - how does it work?

If you're involved in ticketing, you're probably familiar with the term dynamic pricing. But how does it actually work? And who is it for? In this episode of, we explore these questions with our guest, Filippo Scanzano from the German start-up Smart Pricer.

Filippo Scanzano has a background in ticketing, starting his career as a Ticket Sales Assistant at the FIFA World Cup in Germany in 2006. He has then worked at the HQ of German branch of CTS Eventim in International Business Development and Data Science for almost nine years, before moving to the global sportsmarketing agency Infront. Today, his mission is to offer ticketing and price analytics, as well as dynamic pricing solutions, for the sports and entertainment industry.

Filippo - hot topic special

The San Francisco Giants were the first professional sports team to use dynamic pricing software, synchronising ticket prices with demand. While this approach is now common for services like hotel nights or plane tickets, it is still not the industry standard within sports or entertainment.

Is this about to change? What are the benefits of dynamic pricing, and what are the pitfalls? This episode delves into these topics, marking the first time focuses on a specific subject like this.

Prepare to learn about the art of real-time ticket pricing adjustments in response to fluctuating demand. We'll examine real-world success stories and cautionary tales, from the major leagues in the US to innovative Swiss ski resorts. Our conversation also highlights the perspectives of various stakeholders, from sales to finance, and the challenges they may face when implementing dynamic pricing models.

We'll scrutinise the nuances of cultural readiness for dynamic pricing across industries, finding the right balance between financial gains and community values, and exploring the future of pricing strategies aided by advancements in AI.

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