Tom Rasmussen
Mar 25, 2024

Crowd Safety on big events - a Hot Topic Special episode with Íse Murphy-Morris from Safety Sistas

Íse Murphy-Morris N
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Crowd safety must be a priority for every ticketing executive in sports and major events. It's a multifaceted issue that impacts customer experience, capacity management, brand reputation, legal compliance, risk management, emergency preparedness, and revenue protection. Indeed, the significance of each element is undeniable for those in the realm of ticketing.

Ticketing isn't just an operational function; it's a strategic tool for enhancing crowd management and safety. In the latest Hot Topic Special episode of, Íse Murphy-Morris shares her expertise on this very subject.

With a Master of Science degree in Crowd Safety and Risk Analysis from Manchester Metropolitan University, Íse’s credentials as a crowd security freelancer and Associate Lecturer in Crowd Safety at the University of Plymouth position her as an authority on event human behavior and crowd management strategies.

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This episode delves into the art and science of balancing risk management with creating unforgettable experiences, considering the ever-evolving dynamics of post-pandemic crowds. Discover how factors like seating layouts, bag policies, and water provisions can tip the scales from potential chaos to comfort for event-goers.

More than a mere lesson in crowd control, this episode of offers a masterclass in designing events that harmonise safety with enjoyment—ensuring every attendee leaves with lasting, positive memories.

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