Nov 7, 2022

Facebook’s algorithm – how to achieve the best results

Are you curious about how to achieve the best results on Facebook? Or how you can build followers and reach a broader audience? Facebook has now released the insights into how the feed works with its algorithms and signals.

Most people know that what is shown in your Facebook News Feed are decided by a set of algorithms. But what are these algorithms, and how do they work?

Facebook have now published a thorough News Feed Publisher Guidelines article, explaining just that in detail.

“Every time you open Facebook, News Feed goes through a set of four steps to answer the question: Which stories are likely to matter to your readers?”, reads the article, which also explains what these four steps are.

  • Inventory – What stories have been posted by friends and publishers?
  • Signals – Who posts this story?
  • Predictions – How likely are you to comment on this story?
  • Score – Relevancy Score

This is highly relevant reading material for anyone who wants to know more about how the worlds most important communication and marketing channel of today is working.

For those who prefer a simple video introduction, watch it here:

Tips for Musicians and Bands

This is not all. Facebook has also produced an article on how musicians and bands (as well as organisers) can use Facebook to grow their fan base and reach new audiences.

Tips for Musicians and Bands

In this article Facebook demonstrates how artists like Macklemore, Zara Larsson, Kirk Franklin, Blake Shelton, Jessie J, Lecrae and Pink are using different features in Facebook to reach out.

You can do the same! Get in touch with us and we’ll guide you through how Facebook can be an integral part of your event strategy.

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