Tom Rasmussen
Jan 19, 2024

How a small football club skyrocketing to international fame manages its heavy ticket demands

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Recorded live in front of an audience of football industry professionals at Croke Park in Dublin on January 13, 2024, here is Joe Foster, Ticketing Manager & European Competitions Coordinator at the Norwegian Premiership Champions FK Bodø/Glimt, sharing his insights on what to do when a small club with a tiny ticketing department faces ticket demand that exceeds its capacity tenfold.

When Joe traded the bustling streets of London for Norway's serene landscapes, little did he know he'd become the linchpin in transforming Bodø/Glimt's ticketing strategies. In this Live Special of, we delve into the heart of fan engagement, dissecting the tactics that bind supporters to a club with the tenacity of a Northern winter.

Ever wondered how a small football club skyrocketing to international fame manages the tsunami of ticket demands? Joe lets us in on the behind-the-scenes struggles and victories of Bodø/Glimt's ascent, offering a playbook for handling the surge in season ticket holders and the logistical acrobatics required for high-profile matches. It's a candid look at the bumps and triumphs on the road to success, a tale that's as much about managing expectations as it is about selling seats.

This episode is also a valuable resource for other football clubs, especially ticketing managers, looking for innovative ideas to engage fans. Be sure not to miss Joe's Halloween Special story - a concept that can be easily borrowed with great success by others. is powered and sponsored by TicketCo and hosted by TicketCo’s CEO, Carl-Erik Michalsen Moberg.


Listen to the episode here, or you find them all in your favorite app!


How to manage high ticket demand with FK Bodø/Glimt



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