Greig Box Turnbull
Feb 17, 2021

Getting ticketing right for an online broadcast event


A utility article from TicketCo Media Services on ticketing for online events

Ticketing is an important element to suitably plan for and structure when preparing your live stream or video on-demand online event. Getting the basics right has been proven to significantly reduce email enquiries on the day of your show being broadcast.

We provide a fully integrated broadcasting and ticketing platform that puts you in full control of all aspects of your show’s preparation via our adjustable templates. But to get the most out of your experience, it is important to understand the details of our digital ticketing solution. In our latest article, we discuss ticket types with our Customer Success Agent Jessica Goodfellow and Wise Children’s Simon Baker.

Ticket types and capacity

At TicketCo Media Services, there are two important concepts regarding tickets that are available for sale. These are ‘ticket types’ and ‘capacities’.

Ticket Types are the types of tickets you want to sell – adult, child or family pass, for example. Capacity is a limit on the number of tickets you can sell for a specific group of ticket types.

“We are seeing capacity figures and ticket types vary more than ever due to the COVID-19 pandemic and customers’ demand for digital entertainment,” said Jessica. “Our welcome pack explains how you can delegate a small number of tickets at a discounted rate via promotions or competitions and assign those ticket types to a reduced capacity within a large-scale event.”

Hybrid events

Our easy-to-navigate platform also accommodates ticket sales for hybrid events.

Hybrid events exploded in popularity in the summer and autumn months amid a relaxation of lockdown restrictions that allowed small numbers of people to attend events that were also broadcast online to a larger global audience at a reduced fee.

Jessica added: “If you are planning a hybrid event, you will need to have your digital tickets in a separate capacity to your ‘physical’ tickets. Once this has been established, you can start filling in additional ticket information.”

Creating your tickets

Developing your e-tickets could not be simpler by using our step-by-step process.

Here, producers choose their ticket title, category, price (inclusive of VAT and ticket fee), maximum tickets per order and when sales begin and end. With the input of Simon Baker, customers that are new to our service can navigate this section with confidence.

Jessica added: “It’s important we tell our clients how to best communicate with their audiences via the creation of tickets.

Simon’s experience of our systems means he is well-placed to advise new users how to develop their ticketing structure.

“Getting the basics right has been proven to significantly reduce email enquiries on the day of your show being broadcast. In our Welcome Pack, we help achieve this goal via our detailed instructions.”

Promotional tools

Within our ticketing setup, you can access several features to enhance your viewers’ streaming experience.

Jessica added: “There are many excellent examples of companies using our promotional tools to maximise ticket revenue. For Simon and Wise Children, they distributed promotion codes to students, the friends and family of actors and members of the press so they could access performances at a discounted rate.

“There are many other innovative ways of maximising your exposure and revenue through our digital features that helps put the customer first. We can also block specific countries from viewing content should a broadcast not have the correct licensing to be streamed in a particular country.”

To access our full step-by-step guide to ticket types, click this link.

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