Carl-Erik Michalsen Moberg
Oct 10, 2023

How FIFA is ensuring fair and equal access to tickets for spectators from all over the world

How FIFA is ensuring fair and equal access to tickets for spectators from all over the world

Guest: Jean-Marie Tardy, Ticketing Project Manager at FIFA

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What makes ticketing at FIFA so special, and what are the challenges that come with it? Here is a short summary of what you will learn if you tune in on Jean-Marie’s episode on


  • One of the defining factors of ticketing at FIFA is the immense scale of the organisation and the events they organise. FIFA operates on a global level, reaching audiences from all corners of the world. As a result, the ticketing process requires a startup approach, allowing for experimentation and continuous improvement. With such a large organisation, there is no room for improvisation. Accuracy and precision are paramount when communicating with the public, and meticulous planning and preparation are needed to anticipate any possible scenarios.


  • Ensuring fair and equal access to tickets is another crucial aspect of FIFA's ticketing process. Since FIFA events attract spectators from all over the world, it is essential to consider different scenarios and situations. Factors such as internet access and purchasing capabilities vary from country to country. Therefore, FIFA must guarantee a fair and equal opportunity for everyone to access tickets, regardless of their location. This commitment to fairness aligns with FIFA's mission to create a truly global and inclusive World Cup experience.


  • To achieve this goal, FIFA employs various ticketing strategies. They implement a random selection draw phase, allowing anyone to apply for tickets without the need for a fast internet connection. Additionally, they utilise a first-come-first-serve approach for certain phases. These strategies help ensure that tickets are distributed fairly, giving everyone an equal chance to attend the events.


  • Building the ticketing team for FIFA tournaments is a complex process. While the Men's and Women's World Cups occur every four years and are the most prominent events, FIFA also organises numerous other tournaments throughout the cycle. The ticketing team consists of a permanent core team that works diligently across all tournaments. However, depending on the specific circumstances, additional individuals may be brought on board. These individuals may have fixed-term contracts or be integrated into the team through local subsidiaries or organising committees. The inclusion of locals in the ticketing team is crucial for understanding the specific needs and nuances of each host country.


  • One of the core objectives of FIFA's ticketing process is to ensure fair play. This principle extends beyond the game itself and encompasses the entire fan experience. By implementing innovative ticketing solutions, FIFA aims to enhance the fan experience while also combating the secondary market. An essential component of this approach is the development of a mobile ticketing app. The app not only provides a better experience for accessing tickets but also eliminates the need for physical paper tickets. This digital solution simplifies the ticketing process, reduces operational constraints, and helps prevent counterfeit tickets. Through the app, fans can easily access their tickets, transfer them to others, or even resell them on the official platform. The app also enables FIFA to maintain control and track the ticket's journey, ensuring adherence to ticketing rules and providing a high level of trustability.


  • The implementation of the mobile ticketing app was not without its challenges. FIFA had to consider factors such as varying internet access and phone capabilities across different countries. However, extensive testing and collaboration with ticketing providers and other organisations using similar systems have instilled confidence in the app's functionality and effectiveness.


  • Overall, ticketing at FIFA is a complex and multifaceted process. It requires meticulous planning, a global perspective, and a commitment to fairness and innovation. By prioritising the fan experience and leveraging technology, FIFA continues to improve its ticketing operations and create a truly inclusive and memorable World Cup experience for fans worldwide.

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