Sep 27, 2023

How the wrong event sales technology can make or break your event revenue

11When it comes to planning events, using the right tech tools can make a big difference. Imagine having a tool that not only helps sell tickets, but giving you an overall solution to make your event work so much better – that's where event sales technology comes in.

But be careful! If you pick the wrong tool, your event's money might not turn out as you hoped. In today's world, where things need to be easy and smooth, this choice really matters. Let's dive in and see how tech can boost your event's money, figure out what could go wrong, and learn how to make the best choices for your event's success.

1. You need self-service!

Have you ever needed to make urgent changes to a seat reservation, or other urgent changes for your event and can’t reach support? With other ticketing providers, if this happens outside of office hours, then you may be in trouble.

Being independent of external support is one of the greatest advantages of a self-service ticketing system. It gives you freedom to do jobs anytime, anywhere, and not when it suits your ticketing provider. With a self-service system you don’t even need to be at your office. Also, your mobile phone is enough to keep on top of things  (if that’s all you have to hand)

2. What about your access control?

Access control is a critical part of your ticketing operation and covers more than just a smooth entrance for your audience. It’s also of vital importance to run a safe and secure event. You need to know who’s in, in real time, and where they are in case of an emergency (or just for peace of mind).

Some ticket solutions don't cover access control. Others require expensive hardware, and/or complex scanning operations.

You should choose a ticketing system where the scanning operations can be run by both Android phones or iPhones, and where the access control personnel can bring their own devices if needed. You should also look for a system that delivers real time security reports for your security personnel or the police.

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3. Are you lagging behind due to limited integration options? 

A modern ticketing solution should have open APIs for third party integrations so that you can have everything you need in one place.
We make integrating with digital partners easy. Not like other ticketing solutions that are built like the ticketing equivalent of a Swiss Army Knife. They’ve got all the tools built in, but it’s hard to find the right one, or make it work. 

4. Do you know the importance of rich customer data?

In 2023, almost every organiser knows this. It’s vital for your marketing as well as the planning of your event.
If you have access to decent customer data, you can have all the answers. Rich data can also help you reach exactly the right audience with your marketing,  saving campaign costs and generating maximum returns.
For example, how many employees will you need for the event? Where will you need them, or when? How much food and beverages can you expect to sell?

But how about the ownership of this data? Who is the actual owner of the data you rightfully define as your own?
This probably belongs to your ticketing provider because not every ticketing company defines the data as the organiser’s property.
You should choose a ticketing provider that gives you 100% data ownership.

5. Are you keeping up with your ticketing buyers needs?

In today’s modern world we expect our online services to be super efficient. Avoid Clunky customer journeys with way too many steps before checkout is not only an annoyance for your ticket buyers. It can also result in bounced sales.

Don’t lose sales due to a poor shopper journey. You should choose a ticketing supplier that can facilitate a lightning fast customer journey that makes it possible for your ticket buyers to complete their purchase without any obstacles.

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