Tom Rasmussen
Mar 13, 2024

Highlights and key takeaways with Nick Brennan (Warwickshire CCC)

Nicohlas Brennan

Join us for yet another thrilling season finale of, where we welcome back one of our guests from last season – Ticketing Systems Manager Nick Brennan of Warwickshire County Cricket Club – for a run-through from start to finish of all the seven previous episodes.

Nick, a highly deserving finalist for the “Unsung Heroes” award at the 2024 Ticketing Business Awards, guides us through key moments and learnings from our esteemed guests this season: Jean-Marie Tardy, Peter Wynne, Brooke Arthur, Joe Foster, Steven Ferguson, Filippo Scanzano, and Michael Fraser.

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At, we’re dedicated to creating a platform for ticketing professionals to exchange wisdom and for enthusiasts to gain industry-leading insights. This season, we've broadened our horizons with two new formats - Live Specials and Hot Topic Specials - enriching your go-to ticketing knowledge hub.

Join us for this 25-minute recap that distils the essence of our expansive and engaging season.

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