Carl-Erik Michalsen Moberg
Sep 19, 2023

Introducing - Video Special

Here is something you’ve never seen before:
The very first Video Special of

When we introduced earlier this year, our sole purpose was to create a place where the unsung heroes of the event industry - the ticketing managers - can share their stories and insight.

The reception has been overwhelming, and we are really proud of each and every episode published. There are also many more to come!

Now we are expanding our offer by introducing a convivial supplement to the more in depth audio podcast. Here is the very first episode of, Video Special.

Behind the scenes with SK Brann's Ticketing Manager

The idea for these video specials is to visit ticketing managers at their home turf, and the very first one was shot last week at Brann Stadion in Bergen, Norway, where we met SK Brann’s Marketing and Ticketing Manager, Mads Liabø.

We met Mads two days before SK Brann welcomed the Dutch side AZ in the play-offs for the Europa Conference League (a match SK Brann lost after a penalty shoot-out), and with a sold out stadium and strict UEFA regulations to deal with, he had lots on his plate. 

It was too bad that SK Brann didn’t make it all the way to the Conference League, but there’s still a lot of domestic league matches to be played this season, and we’re wishing Mads and SK Brann the best of luck in each and every one of them.

Please feel free to enjoy the video podcast with Mads and TicketCo’s CEO Carl-Erik M. Moberg, and also (if you haven’t done so already) - please check out the audio podcasts

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