Tom Rasmussen
Jan 25, 2024

Scottish Professional Football League CEO of the year 2023, Steven Ferguson (Ross County FC) on leading a small club to Premiership glory

Steven Ferguson

There is a significant disparity in stadium capacities between Scottish Premiership clubs like Celtic (60,000+) or Rangers (50,000+), and Ross County FC. With just over 6,500 seats at Victoria Park in Dingwall, Highland, Global Energy Stadium is the smallest stadium in the Scottish Premiership. Interestingly, the stadium has more seats than the population of the town!

Since June 2020, ex-footballer Steven Ferguson has served as CEO at Ross County FC. He has had a remarkable journey within the club, starting as player and progressing through various roles such as player development, academy director, and first team co-manager. Last year, he was awarded the SPFL's CEO of the year.

In this episode of, Steven discusses the unique challenges of leading Ross County FC to excellence within the close-knit community of Dingwall. His story is not just about sports management but also about building a strong connection with fans and ensuring that the excitement of Premiership football resonates throughout the Highlands.

During the episode, Steven reveals the intricacies of football club management and shares the strategic approaches and innovative improvements that have shaped Ross County FC under his leadership. The conversation also highlights the vibrant atmosphere at the Global Energy Stadium, and the importance of a great match day experience for everyone. Steven's hands-on involvement, particularly during high-profile games against rivals like Rangers and Celtic, exemplifies the dynamic and demanding nature of his role.


Clear and achievable goals 

In conclusion, we get a glimpse of Steven's match day experiences, comparing his time as a player to his current executive responsibilities. Moving away from superstitions to strategic thinking, Ferguson emphasises the importance of decision-making in complex situations, the power of a decisive yet adaptable approach, and the significance of setting clear and achievable goals for the club's staff.

For those involved in football management or simply fans of the beautiful game, this episode offers an opportunity to learn from one of the industry's best and even reach out to Steven directly for an exchange of ideas and experiences. is powered and sponsored by TicketCo and hosted by TicketCo’s CEO, Carl-Erik Michalsen Moberg.

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