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Oct 30, 2023

Oliver’s Mount Road Race Circuit: England's Unique Racing Destination

Oliver Mounts

Oliver’s Mount road race circuit is the only natural 'road' racetrack in England. This challenging and undulating track is located just five minutes away from Scarborough’s beachfront, which happens to be England's oldest seaside resort. Established in 1946, the circuit boasts a rich history and carries a significant legacy. Many fans have likened the 2.5-mile-long track to a 'miniature TT by the seaside'.

For the past five seasons, the events at Oliver’s Mount have been organised by company director Andy Hayes and his wife Wendy, along with one full-time employee. This dedicated trio manages the day-to-day operations at the race circuit. However, when thousands of motorsport enthusiasts flock to Scarborough for the six annual events, the workload increases significantly.

Each of these events involves up to 250 people, handling various operational duties such as race marshals, officials, security staff, ticketing, catering, and all other aspects required for full weekend events.

"People start arriving on Friday afternoon, and many stay until Monday," says Andy.

Managing crowds of several thousand, a staff of 250 volunteers, and facilities like the campsite, food, drink, and general admission requires a reliable ticketing provider. Previously, Oliver’s Mount opted for a supplier who handled most of the ticketing-related work for the different events. While this was a safe option, it was also very expensive. Post-Covid, Andy searched for an easier and more affordable way to handle ticketing operations, leading him to TicketCo.

"Self-service is so much better in many ways. Today, we can set up events ourselves and make changes without depending on support. It is also much cheaper, and that is important to us. Price matters," says the company director.

"The only complaint we've had since switching to TicketCo is from attendees who want a physical ticket as a souvenir. We're considering purchasing a ticket printer for those rare occasions and charging the ticket buyer the cost of printing those tickets. However, so far, we've managed these situations using our local printing company" he adds.

When it comes to handling the various events within the TicketCo platform, Andy prefers using a mobile PC rather than his mobile phone.

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"I know I can manage everything from my mobile, but I have so many other event-related things happening on my laptop that I need to carry it with me anyway. So, I find it most convenient to do everything here," he states, pointing to his computer.

The same computer will also accompany him when he attends a major motorcycle trade show for nearly two weeks in November.

"I haven't tried selling tickets this way before, so I'm curious to see how it will work out. My primary goal for this motorcycle show is to sell season tickets, offering people full access to five of our events next year for £170. Of course, I will also sell single event tickets."

Oliver’s Mount's 2024 season will consist of the following six events:

  • The Bob Smith Spring Cup
  • The Barry Sheene Classic
  • The Cock O' The North
  • Motorcycle HillClimb
  • GB SuperMoto Championship Round
  • The Steve Henshaw Gold Cup

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