Tom Rasmussen
May 9, 2022

Onboarding at the speed of light


How long does it take the Sales and Customer Success departments at TicketCo to sign up and onboard a new football client?

Normally the answer to that question is ‘not very long’, but sometimes things move at the speed of light in these two departments. Like the case was with Hereford FC.

We have been aching to tell the story of Hereford FC for some weeks now, but contractual matters forced us to hold back. Now we have been given green light, so here we go:

The protagonist in this story is the National League North club Hereford FC. They were founded in 2014 as a phoenix club for Hereford United, and inherited their Edgar Street stadium with a capacity of 5,213. The club’s motto is ‘Our greatest glory lies not in never having fallen, but in rising when we fall’.

This spring Hereford FC experienced serious problems with their ticketing supplier, and they really proved the truth of their motto. More about that later.

TicketCo’s Key Account Manager Alex Eagle made his first initial outreach to Hereford FC back in August last year. They were open to discuss a future partnership at that stage, but tied into current contractual obligations and in no kind of a rush.

Then things suddenly escalated, and it escalated quickly. Nine days before their 19 March home game against Darlington, Hereford FC decided that they needed a new ticketing supplier from that match onwards. So they reached out to Alex.

Three days later Alex and our Customer Success department had a solution ready for them with a temporary seat map (which now is permanent) and secured payment terminals from Zettle by PayPal, and two days later they went on sale.

Hereford FC has more than 1,000 season card holders and a huge volunteer staff on matchdays, and a sudden change of ticketing solution is not a small operation for a club of that size. It’s a massive one.

Even so, we managed to pull this together thanks to great devotion from every party involved. Everything went flawless from the moment the club put their tickets on sale, and Hereford FC surely proved that they are a club worthy of their great motto.

The Hereford FC onboarding is not how we typically do it at TicketCo, but it shows that we can make magic happen when we put our efforts together.

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