Tom Rasmussen
Oct 25, 2023

Revisiting Wrexham AFC with Peter Wynne, head of tickets and memberships

Revisiting Wrexham AFC with Peter Wynne, head of tickets and memberships is live with its very first Live Special edition, recorded in front of a live audience at the FBIN Conference in Vienna 19 October 2023. The special guest for the occasion is Peter Wynne, head of tickets and memberships at Wrexham AFC, and together with the host (and TicketCo CEO) Carl-Erik Moberg, he takes us through a journey of community, engagement, and global reach with the Red Dragons.

If you think you’ve heard the name Peter Wynne in connection to before, you’re absolutely right. He was one of the guests in season 1, where he gave the listeners an exclusive insight into the whereabouts of Wrexham AFC and the everyday life at the club after Rob McElhenney and Ryan Reynolds took over as new owners.

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That was back in March this year. At that time Wrexham was fighting for promotion from the National League. Today they’re well established in the EFL, Disney has launched a new season of “Welcome to Wrexham'', and Peter is busier than ever before, single handedly handling the ticketing operations at what is without a doubt EFL’s most popular club.

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Even so, he didn’t hesitate for a moment when the invitation came to visit the FBIN Conference in Vienna with a Live Special of Together with Carl-Erik Moberg he sat down in front of a live audience to recapture what has happened since he last visited the podcast, and he willingly shared his thoughts about American ownership in English football, the importance of living up to your high standards across all departments of a club, and how to build a fanbase that can take a club all the way from the National League to the Premier League.

A commitment to community

One of the things that sets Wrexham AFC apart from lots of its competitors is their unwavering commitment to their community. The club's owners, Rob McElhenney and Ryan Reynolds, have emphasised the importance of making a positive difference to the wider community of Wrexham. Peter reveals the club's innovative initiatives, such as the Racecourse Live scheme, where a hundred tickets are donated for each game to charitable causes and individuals who may not have the means to attend matches. Wrexham AFC also prioritises accessibility for disabled fans, offering dedicated spaces and sensory areas in the stadium.

A unique approach to ownership

The episode also explores the growing trend of celebrity ownership in British football and the impact it has had on the sport. Wrexham AFC's ownership by Hollywood stars McElhenney and Reynolds has captured the imagination of fans worldwide. Peter recounts the initial scepticism surrounding the rumours of their purchase, but the owners' genuine love for the club and their commitment to its history and community quickly dispelled any doubts. Their organic storytelling approach and emotional investment have resonated with supporters, creating an unbreakable bond between the club and its fans.

GUEST Pete wynne

Looking ahead to a bright future

As Wrexham AFC continues to grow and aim for Premier League status, their long-term strategy remains centred on community involvement and fan engagement. The club's dedication to fair ticketing and inclusivity sets them apart from their counterparts. With a stadium capacity of around 10,200, Wrexham AFC's global outreach is reaching millions of fans outside their physical grounds. The club's commitment to maintaining accessibility and innovation in ticketing ensures that their success will transcend geographical boundaries.

This exclusive Live Special of offers a captivating glimpse into Wrexham AFC’s journey of growth, engagement, and community impact. From their promotion to the EFL to their international exposure and commitment to inclusivity, the club stands as a shining example of how a football club can make a positive difference both on and off the field. With their celebrity ownership, innovative ticketing strategies, and unwavering dedication to their community, Wrexham AFC is poised for a bright future as they continue to captivate the world with their story.

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