Oct 26, 2023

Shaping the future of Norwegian football: An evolution in ticketing and fan engagement

Shaping the future of Norwegian football: A revolution in ticketing and fan engagement

Norwegian football is undergoing an evolution in ticketing and fan engagement. By embracing collaboration, innovation, and subscription models, Norwegian clubs are setting new standards for the sport's future.

Thomas NTFIn an exclusive TicketCo webinar, Thomas Torjusen, Head of Media, Technology, and Chief Digital Officer at the Norwegian Professional Football League (NPFL), takes us through a comprehensive overview of the strategies that have propelled the league and its associated clubs to remarkable success, resulting in record-breaking ticket sales. Here are some of the webinar highlights:

Collaboration and communication across clubs

Collaboration lies at the heart of the transformation of Norwegian football. The Norwegian Professional Football League (Eliteserien) has worked closely with its clubs to develop a unified ticketing and fan engagement strategy. This has involved fostering effective communication and collaboration among clubs, and working together to implement new initiatives.

The European connection: Learning from the best

Norwegian football has also looked beyond its borders for inspiration. The Eliteserien has partnered with European leagues such as the Bundesliga and La Liga to learn from their best practices in ticketing and fan engagement. This has helped Norwegian clubs to develop new and innovative ways to connect with their fans and provide a superior matchday experience.

New call-to-actionOwning the user journey: The importance of fan engagement

Norwegian football is committed to owning the user journey for its fans. This means taking control of the entire experience, from the moment a fan decides to attend a match to the moment they leave the stadium. By owning the user journey, Norwegian clubs can ensure that their fans have a seamless and enjoyable experience at every stage.

Subscriptions: The future of fan involvement

Subscription models are at the forefront of the evolution in Norwegian football ticketing. Many clubs in the Eliteserien now offer subscription tickets, which give fans access to all or a select number of home matches for a fixed monthly fee. Subscription models offer a number of benefits for both fans and clubs. Fans can enjoy the convenience of guaranteed tickets and a predictable financial commitment, while clubs can generate a more stable revenue stream.

The fan's perspective: Receiving subscriptions with open arms

Football fans in Norway have warmly embraced subscription models. A recent survey found that 90% of fans who have subscribed to a subscription ticket would recommend it to others. Fans appreciate the convenience and affordability of subscription tickets, and they also appreciate the fact that they feel more connected to their club as subscribers.

Crafting a winning strategy for subscriptions

Launching subscription services requires a strategic approach. Norwegian clubs have carefully considered the needs of their fans and the unique characteristics of the Norwegian market when developing their subscription offerings. They have also worked closely with their partners to develop innovative and user-friendly subscription platforms.

A new dawn for Norwegian football

The transformation of Norwegian football in ticketing and fan engagement is a beacon of hope for the sport's future. By embracing collaboration, innovation, and subscription models, Norwegian clubs are setting new standards for how fans experience football.
Brann - On-demand webinarThe perpetual passion of football fans

Football fans are passionate about their clubs and the sport. This passion is evident in the way they support their teams, both at the stadium and at home. Norwegian football clubs are capitalising on this passion by offering subscription models that give fans a unique way to connect with their club and show their support.

The transition to subscriptions: Proceed with caution

Introducing subscriptions as an alternative to traditional season tickets is a complex process. Clubs need to carefully consider their needs and the needs of their fans when developing their subscription offerings. It is also important to introduce subscriptions gradually, blending the new model with existing systems and involving all stakeholders.

The Yoda Philosophy: "There is no try"

The legendary Yoda once said, "There is no try. There is only do." This quote is particularly relevant to the ticketing landscape. Clubs should not simply experiment with subscription models; they should wholeheartedly embrace them. By wholeheartedly adopting subscription models, clubs can position themselves for lasting success.

Navigating the future of football ticketing

The future of football ticketing is looking very bright. By embracing collaboration, innovation, and subscription models, clubs can create a more seamless and enjoyable experience for their fans. Norwegian football is leading the way in this evolution, and other clubs around the world would be wise to learn from its example.

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