Tom Rasmussen
May 25, 2022

Stockholm Open chose TicketCo

TicketCo is pleased to announce the ATP tournament Stockholm Open as a new ticketing client in Sweden. This year’s tournament takes place between the 15 and 23 of October, and tickets will be released on 31st May.

Tennis is often referred to as the greatest sport of them all. It has been played in various ways since the Middle Ages, and among its early athletes are royalties such as Henry V, Louis X and Henry VIII.

In modern times the sport has produced profiles such as Björn Borg, John McEnroe, Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal and Boris Becker, and these great names all have one thing in common. They have played at the Stockholm Open.

Stockholm Open is a massive brand within tennis, and according to managing director Jamie Perry, TicketCo reached out to them just at the right time with just the right proposal after the ATP tournament decided to take back their commercial rights from an external partner.

Stockholm Open is planning to offer a premium experience to both their ticket buyers and their commercial partners in the years to come, and they want total control themselves. For this purpose they have chosen TicketCo as their ticketing supplier. It is such a great honour.

“We are doing a redo of the tournament. We have to change with the times and add value to our ticket buyers,” said Mr. Perry when asked why they now are taking back their commercial rights.

This year’s Stockholm Open takes place at the Royal Tennis Hall in Stockholm between 15 and 23 October, and we are really looking forward to nine consecutive days of top-notch tennis.

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