Tom Rasmussen
Sep 15, 2023

Streamlined, User-Friendly Customer Journey with TicketCo

Vålerenga hero blogThe Norwegian top tier ice hockey team Vålerenga Icehockey made a crucial switch in ticket suppliers ahead of their season ticket sales this year. After a few months on sale, both the club and their season ticket holders are thrilled with the new solution. Mette Charlotte Winther, Sales Manager for the private market, praises the entire process with TicketCo, from the initial contact to the diligent follow-up after signing.

On Friday, September 15th, 2023, the 2023/24 season will kick off at Jordal Amfi in Oslo, where Vålerenga Ishockey (VIF) will welcome Frisk Asker. Prior to this season, VIF transitioned to TicketCo as their ticket supplier, and the response to their season ticket sales this summer has been remarkably different from the previous year's efforts at the same time.

High Satisfaction Ratings

Mette Charlotte Winther, Sales Manager for the private market in VIF, reflects on the previous season, saying, "Although we fell short of our sporting goals last year, we achieved a new attendance record with an average of more than 3,000 spectators at each game. However, we encountered significant technical challenges with our ticket sales system, leading to frustration among our supporters and the general public."

She goes on to say, "This year, the situation has taken a complete turn. We are now receiving feedback that both season ticket holders and the public find the purchasing journey quick and easy. I even received a call from someone who simply wanted to express their satisfaction with our new solution."

Mette Charlotte emphasises the importance of a seamless buying journey, drawing parallels to online shopping experiences after seeing ads or special offers on social media. "If the process isn't smooth, potential customers drop off during the booking, and the money spent on advertising goes to waste."

New call-to-actionPromising Season Ticket Sales

In the context of season ticket renewals, VIF and similar clubs invest substantial human and financial resources immediately after the season concludes. Their primary goal is to ensure as many season ticket holders as possible renew their subscriptions while simultaneously launching campaigns to attract new season ticket holders.

Mette Charlotte notes, "When we opted for TicketCo, speed was of the essence in getting our season ticket sales up and running. As newcomers to the platform, it was crucial to receive timely assistance when needed. Fortunately, both Sales and Customer Success at TicketCo have been invaluable in providing support throughout the process. Moreover, the platform itself is intuitively designed, making it easy for us to operate independently."

She adds, "Our experiences align closely with the recommendations from VIF Football, our top tier football club, who initially recommended TicketCo to us. Last year, as I mentioned, we set an attendance record with more than 3,000 spectators on average at each game. Yet, our season ticket sales remained at 350. This year, we have already surpassed 500 season tickets sold, which paints a very promising picture."

Seamless, User-Friendly Payment Solutions

Following seven seasons of the docu-soap "Ice Warriors" on the commercial public television broadcaster TV2, there has been a significant surge in interest in ice hockey in general and VIF in particular. Today's audience, especially the younger demographic, has little patience for cumbersome purchasing processes or challenging user experiences.

Mette Charlotte concludes, "Our audience is accustomed to a digital world with seamless, user-friendly customer journeys. To win them over, we must meet their expectations. We are confident that TicketCo allows us to do just that."

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