Tom Rasmussen
Apr 9, 2024

Mastering Crowd Safety and Ticketing Dynamics

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In the latest episode of, where ticketing experts share their insights and stories with TicketCo's CEO Carl-Erik Michalsen Moberg, we bring you episode 23, featuring Morten Therkildsen. As the Director of Safety at Roskilde Festival and a renowned consultant, Morten has been at the forefront of crowd management for some of the largest events on the global stage.

Key insights from the episode include:

  • Roskilde Festival's Charitable Impact: Morten gives us a glimpse into the heart of Roskilde Festival, celebrated not just for its scale but also for its dedication to charity, drawing a massive crowd that mirrors the population of a large city.
  • Mastering Eurovision's Massive Audience: He recounts the thrill of managing crowd safety for Eurovision, with a viewership surpassing that of the Super Bowl, emphasising the unique demands of such a widely viewed international event.
  • Personal Reflections on Tragedy and Transformation: Morten shares his personal journey in crowd safety, rooted in his first-hand experience with the Pearl Jam tragedy at Roskilde Festival in 2000, and how it catalysed his pursuit of making events safer for all.
  • Tackling UEFA's Safe Standing Challenge: Therkildsen discusses his contributions to UEFA's safe standing project, where he advocates for nuanced crowd safety management to enhance the fan experience while maintaining security.
  • Ticketing Innovation at Roskilde: Discover how Roskilde Festival’s wristband system revolutionised crowd flow and safety, exemplifying how strategic ticketing is vital to the operational success of large-scale events.
  • The Essence of Roskilde's 'Orange Feeling': Morten delves into what makes Roskilde Festival a unique phenomenon—its atmosphere, community spirit, and mission to drive social change through music and activism.
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Episode 23 of is more than just a conversation; it's an educational journey through the intricate world of crowd safety with one of the industry's most experienced professionals. Listen in to understand the full spectrum of challenges and triumphs encountered by those who ensure our event experiences are both safe and unforgettable.

Tune in to explore these topics and more with Morten Therkildsen, and stay tuned to for future episodes where leading voices in ticketing continue to enlighten us with their expertise.

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