Tom Rasmussen
May 8, 2024

Unlocking the Gate: The Crucial Role of Access Control in Creating Memorable Event Experiences

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The first impression at any event is not made on the stage or in the stands, but at the entrance. This initial interaction, often overlooked, sets the tone for the entire experience.

In this Hot Topic Special episode of, we sit down with Jacqueline Purcell, an acknowledged expert from Alvarado Mfg., to explore the intricate world of access control. With experiences ranging from Formula One to the Super Bowl, Jacqueline provides unparalleled insights into this critical aspect of event management.

The Art and Science of Access Control

Access control might seem straightforward—scanning tickets at the entrance. Yet, as Jacqueline explains, it encompasses multiple layers, involving various departments from ticket operations to security. This complex system ensures that only authorised attendees gain entry, providing a safe, efficient, and positive start to their event experience.

Technological Advances Transforming Access Control

Technology plays a pivotal role in evolving access control systems. Jacqueline discusses the shift from traditional methods like turnstiles to cutting-edge solutions such as biometric systems and mobile ticketing. These innovations not only streamline entry processes but also enhance security and attendee satisfaction.


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Challenges and Solutions in High-Profile Events

Handling access control at high-profile events like the Super Bowl and Formula One presents unique challenges. Jacqueline shares her firsthand experiences managing massive crowds, integrating advanced technology, and coordinating with multiple stakeholders to ensure seamless entry for thousands of attendees.

Insights from a Seasoned Professional

Beyond the mechanics of access control, Jacqueline's journey through the industry provides a fascinating backdrop to our discussion. From her early days at Disney World to her current role at Alvarado, she has mastered the art of turning chaotic crowd movements into organised flows. Her story is not just about managing tickets but about creating memorable experiences for guests.

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Tune into the Full Conversation

This episode of is more than just an exploration of access control—it's a deep dive into event management from one of the industry's best. Join us as Jacqueline Purcell shares her wisdom and experiences that are sure to enlighten anyone interested in the behind-the-scenes dynamics of major events. Listen now to gain a deeper understanding of the critical role access control plays in the success of any event.

Understanding the nuances of access control can significantly impact the success of an event. This episode not only provides essential insights into the technical and operational aspects but also highlights the personal experiences and challenges faced by those in the field. Whether you're a seasoned ticketing manager, a technology enthusiast, or just a curious listener, Jacqueline's insights offer valuable lessons in creating efficient, secure, and enjoyable event experiences.


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