Carl-Erik Michalsen Moberg
Jun 6, 2023

The joy of playing UEFA matches and the new security law in Belgium football

Royal Sporting Club Anderlecht is the most successful Belgian football team in European competitions, with five trophies.



Martin Goossens has been with RSCA since August 2016, and he is currently holding the position as Ticketing Manager. For a club with 77 different fan clubs spread across Belgium and abroad, and a new national security law that requires that everyone that enters the stadium on match-day need to identify themselves, that is quite a logistical operation.

In this episode of, Martin praises the collaboration between the different Belgium clubs (manifested in a unified league agreement for ticketing) and the joy of playing UEFA matches and sharing knowledge and insights with colleagues abroad in connection with these matches. 

He also discusses how RSCA utilises their brand for 4 different professional teams: The men's team, the U23 team (who play professionally at the second tier in Belgium football), the women’s team, and the futsal team.

Last but not least he explains why RSCA now has decided to introduce subscriptions as an alternative to their traditional season tickets, and how Mikkel Bjerre of FC Copenhagen (who starred in the first season of has helped them along this way.

Bonus episode banner_900xMartin Goossens (RSC Anderlecht) bonus episode: A safer day at the stadium

There are strict security rules within Belgium football, and this year the rules and regulations got even stricter when the Belgium government introduced a new security law that requires that everyone who enters the stadium on match-day need to identify themselves.

What does this mean for Belgium football supporters, and how can big clubs like Royal Sporting Club Anderlecht enforce this new law?

That is what we are trying to find out in this bonus episode of, where the guest is RSCA's Ticketing Manager Martin Goossens.



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