Tom Rasmussen
Dec 10, 2019

TicketCo as an audience management tool


“Audience management is a massive task for talk shows, and the discovery of TicketCo has made life much easier for us,” said Jostein Myren, Production Coordinator of the Skavlan talk show.

If you click on the video snippet at the front of Monkberry’s home page, you will find a montage featuring stars like Sting, Taylor Swift, Bill Gates, Malala Yousafzai, JAY-Z, Alicia Keys, John Cleese, Pamela Anderson, Ricky Gervais, Vince Vaughn, Uma Thurman, Robbie Williams and Rihanna. Plus Al Gore, Gordon Ramsay, Kevin Costner, Ben Kingsley, Jon Bon Jovi, PJ Harvey, Dave Grohl, David Hasselhoff, Geri Halliwell, Jonathan Franzen, Michael Palin, Jamie Oliver and Bob Geldof.

These are just some of the many stars who have appeared on the Skavlan talk show since 2009. Skavlan is one of Europe’s largest and longest running talk shows, hosted by Norwegian journalist Fredrik Skavlan. The show is produced by Monkberry for Norwegian TV2 and Swedish SVT. The show is also broadcasted in Finland and has a large Internet following.

London and New York productions

Since January 2019 Monkberry have used TicketCo for its audience management for the Skavlan show, including nine productions in London and five in New York. Production Coordinator Jostein Myren is super-happy with the result.

“Audience management is a massive task for talk shows”, said Mr Myren.

“Since the tickets are free, the amount of no-show attendees may be considerable. This means we need to overbook by a large extent, and then follow up each and every attendee towards the production day to ensure we have the right sized audience when the show is being recorded. Most talk shows have a designated employee with this task as their only responsibility.”

“At Monkberry, this changed radically through the discovery of TicketCo. By integrating TicketCo and MailMojo through Zapier, we now have a tool where we can manage the audience logistics and reach out to each and every attendee automatically. Needless to say, this saves us lots of time,” added Mr Myren.

Automated personalised confirmations

When reserving tickets for the Skavlan show, the attendee’s automatically receives a personalised email confirmation from Monkberry. On production day, they then receive another personalised email asking for confirmation.

“The whole TicketCo operation is very smooth. It’s easy to set up the events and equally easy to promote them through social media channels by simply pasting the link. To communicate with each and every attendee we then use the export function in TicketCo, which enables MailMojo to reach them. Neither TicketCo nor MailMojo was made with this specific use in mind, but by combining them this way we have made our very own TV production audience management tool,” added the Skavlan Production Coordinator.

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