Tom Rasmussen
May 2, 2024

Transforming the Game: How Principality Stadium Achieved 99.5% Digital Ticketing with Daniel Cook


Achieving a share of 99,5% digital tickets at a 74,000 seated arena - new podcast episode published starring Daniel Cook, Manager of Digital Ticketing & Customer Operations at WRU and Principality Stadium

The iconic Principality Stadium in Wales, with its impressive 74,000 seating capacity, isn't just the heart of Welsh rugby. It is also the pulse of a vibrant events scene; hosting shows with superstars such as Taylor Swift and Bruce Springsteen. 

At the helm of this thrilling atmosphere is Daniel Cook, WRU’s Manager of Digital Ticketing & Customer Operations.

Daniel, who joined WRU in 2019 with a background in customer service rather than ticketing, recently visited where he shared his insights and stories and provided a fresh perspective on ticketing operations.

From Champions League finals to Taylor Swift concerts

He underscored the importance of a holistic approach, where the fulfilment of digital tickets is intricately linked with the overall customer experience. This integration allows the WRU to deliver memorable experiences for fans and create a sense of reward for the team behind the scenes.

The Six Nations Championship is a cornerstone event for rugby fans, drawing immense anticipation annually. Daniel describes it as the "jewel in the crown" for rugby enthusiasts. This sentiment was echoed during the conversation with’s host, Carl-Erik Moberg, where Daniel discussed the intricate operations behind handling such high-stakes games.

GUEST Daniel Cook


Carl Erik HOST


The Principality Stadium is renowned not only for its rugby heritage but also for hosting a myriad of events ranging from Champions League finals to concerts by global superstars like Taylor Swift and Bruce Springsteen. Despite its vast 74,000 seating capacity, the stadium has embraced a 99.5% digital ticketing system, a move propelled by the pandemic's requirements for track and trace. The transition to digital ticketing has facilitated safer and quicker event returns, enhancing operational efficiency and fan engagement.

Enriching the fan experience

Digital ticketing isn't just about access; it's about enriching the fan experience from the moment of ticket purchase to post-event interactions. For instance, Daniel shared how the WRU app allows fans to engage with the stadium ecosystem, participate in surveys, and receive updates, including team selections. Such digital initiatives not only excite fans but also serve operational benefits, like ensuring fans download their tickets before arrival to avoid connectivity issues at the venue.

Daniel’s key takeaways for the industry peers are:

  1. Embrace Digital Transformation: The switch to digital might seem daunting, but the benefits are extensive, from improving event safety to deepening fan engagement.
  2. Remember the Impact: For fans, attending an event might be the highlight of their year. It's the responsibility of ticketing professionals to make their experience unforgettable.
  3. Utilise Data: Harnessing data effectively can revolutionise strategy, minimise guesswork, and create growth opportunities.


Daniel’s journey and the WRU's digital adoption story exemplify the potential within the ticketing domain to innovate and enhance fan experiences through technology. As the industry looks to the future, the strides made by the WRU offer valuable lessons and inspiration for all event professionals.

The full podcast episode is available on, sponsored by TicketCo, for those seeking a deeper dive into Daniel Cook's expertise in ticketing and customer operations within the world of sports and entertainment. Or you can listen in right here



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