Tom Rasmussen
Mar 19, 2024

Record-breaking ticket sales and a FOMO frenzy among fans

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Season 4 of is on, and we kickstart the new season with a deep dive into men’s and women’s football at SK Brann just in time before their women’s team play Barcelona in the Champions League quarter final.

With heavily dedicated fans, the biggest attendance in Norway, and European success for both their men’s and their women’s team, SK Brann is on fire at the start of their 2024 season. So is Norwegian football in general, where the ticket sales haven’t been higher for years, and where SK Brann now is experiencing a real FOMO effect amongst their fans.
SK Brann’s Marketing Manager Mads Liabø sits in the thick of all of this, responsible for their marketing as well as their ticket sales and ticketing operations.

In this episode he walks us through his thoughts on ticket sales, season ticket sales, and the differences between selling tickets to men’s and women’s football.
He also lets us in on what new ticketing features he hope will see the light of day in the future, and opposite, which features he wish never was invented.

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