Learn more about gift cards from TicketCo

Give experiences in the form of a gift card

A gift card is the perfect gift for family members, friends, colleagues and everyone in between. Now you can buy gift cards from TicketCo. They are organiser specific, and can be used for all of their TicketCo related sales. You can find and purchase gift cards by visiting the TicketCo homepage.

Organiser gift cards from TicketCo are based on the same principles as our tickets; it is simple and it is secure. You can get the gift cards in both digital and physical formats.

Using the gift card

When using the gift card for online pre-event sales you input the unique reference number (five digits), before you get to the checkout window. When using the gift card at the box office you either simply scan the QR-code, or provide the reference number on the gift card. If the gift card does not cover the amount you can easily pay the remaining amount by card or cash.

To check the balance of the of the gift cards you can visit the TicketCo homepage, our visit the box office that the gift card is associated to.

Important to know about gift cards

– Gift cards can only be used for tickets and items from the event organiser it is purchased from.
– Gift cards have an expiration date. After this date they are invalid and unusable.
– Unused gift card funds are non refundable.

Any further questions?

Contact our support team by sending an email to support@ticketco.uk, or click the button below

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