TicketCo Media Services newsletter #1, 2020

av | mai 5, 2020

In this newsletter you can read the amazing story about how an organiser made 25,000 Euros on live streaming while being closed during COVID-19, and you will find recent updates from United Kingdom, Norway and Sweden about organisers turning crisis into new opportunities with TicketCo Media Services. We hope you will enjoy.

The background for TicketCo Media Services

When COVID-19 hit the event industry at the beginning of March 2020, TicketCo reacted fast. We acknowledged that the crisis called for new arenas for venues, artists and audiences to meet, and that the Internet is the only available option for such meetings to take place.

We also acknowledged the need for a sustainable business model for such meetings, and our answer to this need is TicketCo Media Services. We have now successfully launched our premium pay-per-view live streaming service, and a video-on-demand solution is only days away.

In the days and weeks to come there will be a lot of positive action happening within TicketCo Media Services both in Norway, Sweden and United Kingdom. To keep you updated we will publish frequent newsletters, and will do so for Norway, Sweden and United Kingdom combined – in English – as we are certain that our updates will be of interest across our territories.

Here is our first TicketCo Media Services newsletter. Please enjoy.

Huge live streaming success at BLÅ

Saturday 25 April TicketCo Media Services had its very first full scale professional live streaming event at the the venue BLÅ in Oslo, and the predicted success turned out to be just so. More than 1,000 digital tickets sold at a venue with a 380 capacity is remarkable, and a revenue of 25,000 Euros at a COVID-19 closed venue is equally impressive.

Besides the digital tickets, the Norwegian Grammy nominated trio No. 4 also achieved some nice associated up-selling of their 2019 published songbook through the TicketCo platform.

Read the full story here

Just The Tonic Comedy Club – working from home

Comedian and star of 8 Out Of 10 Cats Jon Richardson will feature on the first episode/pilot of Just The Tonic’s Comedy Club’s ‘Working From Home’ series of events. It will feature exclusively on pay-per-view online and virtual TV channel at 9pm, May 9th. The HD quality channel will provide an alternative to a live comedy club experience featuring its roster of comedians this spring, in partnership with TicketCo Media Services.

Leading UK comedy promoter JUST THE TONIC is encouraging the public to create their own parties at home. Comedians including Jon Richardson, Naomi Cooper, Darius Davis, and Adam Bloom (plus a host of big names that they’re still having conversations with) will join Just The Tonic founder Darrell Martin to provide the closest to a live gig experience as possible. The TV show will attempt to include comedians interacting with fans, opportunities to heckle via Twitter and the chaos of a live show.

Click here for the ticket sale
Click here for the Facebook event

Bjørn Torske and Skatebård hitting the roof

May 9th will see even more action at TicketCo Media Services when the legendary Norwegian DJ and house music producer Bjørn Torske joins forces with his colleague Skatebård to spin their best tunes from the rooftop of Hotel Norge by Scandic in Bergen. The live streamed event is a collaboration between Vill Vill Vest, Ekko, Vers Libre, Brakkesyke and Hotel Norge by Scandic.

Click here for the ticket sale
Click here for the Facebook event

Trine Rein signed up to TicketCo Media Services for exclusive May concert

Another artist soon to be seen via TicketCo Media Services is the American-Norwegian singer Trine Rein. She belongs to the exclusive group of Norwegian artists whose album sales have exceeded more than a million records. The artist has now signed up with TicketCo Media Services to perform through a pay-per-view live streamed concert May 15th.

Click here for the ticket sale
Click here for the Facebook event

Pustervik goes digital with TicketCo Media Services

Our first Swedish partnership is now confirmed, and it’s a great one. Since the early 20th century Pustervik has been a part of the entertainment and culture scene in Gothenburg. Today it’s the most prominent club and concert venue when it comes to booking new indie, country and pop acts. A classic hangout for the Gothenburg youth seven days a week.

We are super happy to see Pustervik as a TicketCo Media Services client, and we are looking forward to great Swedish live streams this spring.

The architecture behind TicketCo Media Services

When we created the TicketCo Media Services product wanted to utilise the already existing technology stack that we use, primarily through Amazon Web Services. We have sold millions of tickets through our existing technology stack and we have a very robust architecture to handle a lot of user activity.

But how does TicketCo Media Services work? To answer this simple yet complex question we have just published an interview with TicketCo CEO Kaare Bottolfsen.

Read the interview here

Lots of useful webinars coming up

Pay-per-view live streaming is new to most organisers, and their need for information may vary. To meet these needs we have done several webinars on technical and legal issues, and more webinars will follow.

Please visit one of our webinar calendars for recorded content and submission forms for upcoming events.

Webinar calendar

… and much more to come

These days there are lots of things happening at TicketCo, and we look forward to bringing you many more stories like the ones above – including new innovations, relevant utility content, case studies and great new partnerships. We have some very exciting news from both Norway and Sweden soon to be revealed, and some equally exhilarating UK news to be brought to you directly from your friends at TicketCo.

Stay tuned!

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