Digital time slots manage visitor flow during COVID-19

av | jul 17, 2020

A 20-acre outdoor sculpture exhibition in Sweden has modernised its ticketing system and is processing record visitor numbers with help from TicketCo.

Skulptur i Pilane (Sculpture in Pilane) began in 2007 and has returned every summer on the island of Tjörn.

New sculptures are added every summer and the site, once a Stone Age settlement, has become a popular tourist destination.

This year Skulptur i Pilane, run by Pilane Heritage Museum, has used TicketCo’s digital ticketing platform to help beat queues and improve visitor safety.

“People seem eager to plan ahead and we believe digital tickets add a positive value for our visitors, allowing them to have everything in place before their visit, giving them more time to experience the sculptures and beautiful nature when they arrive,” said project manager Frida Lennby.

Sculpture in the open air

Skulptur i Pilane bills itself as ‘nature and sculpture under the open sky’. Frida, daughter of founder Peter Lennby, explained:

“Pilane is nature’s own art gallery, eight hectares of cultivated land where you can roam freely under the open sky. You can wander on your own or in a small group with your family and friends.

“Against the backdrop of the scenic Bohuslän archipelago, you can enjoy the art, the sea, the landscape and the history of this place that goes back thousands of years.”

TicketCo eases COVID-19 concerns

“We started the project of digital tickets with two purposes: trying to offer as safe as possible entrance due to COVID-19, and to offer modern ticketing to our guests, making it possible to plan a visit and skip lines at the entrance,” said Frida.

The 2020 season, which opened on May 16 and runs until September 20, sits against the backdrop of the Coronavirus pandemic, creating extra challenges for the small team.

“This season has been different in regard to safety and cleaning routines, keeping distance between visitors, keeping distance in the lines and so on,” said Frida. “In the last couple of weeks, we have experienced a lot of people visiting us, more than previous years. This is extremely positive, and we are very grateful, though at the same time all routines are put under pressure.”

Excellent feedback

With TicketCo, visitors can display tickets on their phones to speed up the queuing process, and the transition from physical to digital tickets is running smoothly.

Frida added: “We have implemented digital tickets with QR scanning at the entrance. The system is still very new to us, but visitors find their way to it and each day more and more choose to pre-order their tickets online. 

“Since we got it up and running the system has worked very smoothly and is super easy to operate at the entrance.”

“We have only had positive feedback to the system.”

Building a database

TicketCo’s digital platform is also allowing the park to build up a database of visitors who can be contacted with information about future events.

“We will continue to use the TicketCo system,” said Frida. “We want to offer both regular tickets and digital tickets to our visitors, and we also hope to make use of the contact information that our visitors share, making it possible to communicate with them after their visit.”

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