The music never stops – virtual streaming just the ticket for Baggpipe

av | jun 15, 2020

Music company Baggpipe have partnered with TicketCo Media Services to provide live streaming services at its legendary studios.

Baggpipe is based at the old EMI studios in Stockholm, that was originally built as a sister studio to Abbey Road in London. It has hosted and produced music for artists including ABBA, Roxette, Lady Gaga, Wyclef Jean, Britney Spears, Jennifer Lopez, Little Mix, and RedOne.

Its mission is to “live up to the legend” and provide a meeting place for music creators. Baggpipe is a music publishing, management and production company including a creative collection of songwriters and producers.

After Baggpipe signed up with TicketCo Media Services to provide pay-per-view live streaming from the world-famous studio we caught up with its CEO and co-founder Alvora Larsdotter to find out more.

“Baggpipe’s mission is to live up to the legend and continue the work to refine and strengthen the Swedish Pop Legacy,” said Alvora. “With our unique meeting place for music creators we are now developing opportunities for musicians live via streaming. We are installing a video broadcasting set up that will be on the same top level as our audio technic and in-house studio gear.”

Innovating via technology

COVID-19 has impacted the live music industry and many venues and artists are using this time to adjust, review and plan.

“The music industry has been heavily affected,” said Alvora. “The live scene is of course the most exposed, but since live also is a big engine for the whole industry it affects everyone in the business. What is frightening is that we do not even know yet how big the consequences will be. Hopefully, we will use what we now learn wisely as we are forced to step back and reflect.”

Sweden has not been on a total lockdown and so Baggpipe has been able to keep the studio open. “We are very thankful that creators have turned to us in this time of crisis and the bookings have increased (compared to normal) for recordings,” said Alvora. “We are trying to help to use this time efficiently and having sessions, recordings and broadcastings from the studio is something we still can do even with only a few people in the same room.”

One area Baggpipe decided to move into after reflecting on COVID-19 and how to adapt was virtual streaming. Alvora said: “We are impressed with how easily the viewers can use TicketCo Media Services and if we plan to stream our own concerts, we need the best platform available. Having the right platform in place means we can set a live performance or some of our clients can rent the venue to streaming an event. TicketCo Media Services seems like a great solution and is very easy to use and will happily suggest to others as well.”

New opportunities

Baggpipe is excited about the flexibility having the TicketCo Media Services live streaming platform offers and the creative avenues it opens when combined with the music studio.

“The thing with adding streaming or broadcasting as an option to our legendary hub is that you can use it in different ways,” said Alvora. “You could choose to just add it as an extra feature to a recording session. Or if the main purpose is to live stream, at the same time as getting the best sound and video experience you could produce a finalized music recording with the best quality due to our SSL Duality Pro-Station console and high standards.

“As we also mix in house you can release the streamed music afterwards too through traditional music distribution. So, in other words, this is a great place for creating music in many ways and teaming up with innovative partners like TicketCo Media Services is of course helping a lot to make it easier.”

Bigger audiences

Live streaming is predicted to become a bigger part of the events and music industry way beyond COVID-19. Alvora agreed it provides multiple on-going opportunities. “I think it will still be a complement to traditional activity when the restrictions ease. Even if we hope to be able to meet properly again it will take a while to get back to normal, if ever. So, adding it as an opportunity for any live gig will of course increase the possibilities to reach a larger audience, regardless where you are.

“Also, in our venue specifically we can have 150 people standing in our biggest room at the most, so the ability to do exclusive gigs with both a physical audience and extend it with streaming is of course a future possibility for us. There are many streaming solutions popping up in the market now so it will be exciting to see how it develops. We believe that the ones that also can incorporate a smart way to interact with the viewers will win the race.

“Live music is best, nothing can change that, but we are glad if we together can create the second best alternative, as long as it means that the music never stops.”

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