TicketCo Media Services newsletter #2, 2020

av | maj 19, 2020

Two months ago TicketCo Media Services did not exist. In fact the concept was not even born. Then COVID-19 struck, the event industry came to an immediate stop and something had to be done real quick. That ‘something’ was TicketCo Media Services. Today we are up and running with our virtual pay-per-view service, generating revenue streams for artists, venues and organisers and creating great experiences for their audience. We are still in our early days, but our market has been very receptive and we will do our utmost to scale TicketCo Media Services to meet the demand. In this second edition of our TicketCo Media Services newsletter you will find our latest feature update, and updates from United Kingdom, Norway and Sweden. We hope you enjoy.

New feature: Video on demand

As a pay-per-view live streaming solution built on top of a smooth, user friendly and highly scaleable event payments platform, TicketCo Media Services offers a unique possibility for artists, venues, organisers and venues to submit both physical and virtual tickets to their audience. But why stop there? Why not add video on demand to the already unique service, making it even more unique and even more complete?

This is what we are just doing. This week we will enable both pay-per-view live streaming and pay-per-view video on demand through TicketCo Media Services, and by doing so we will open another valuable revenue possibility for the artists, venues and organisers and another great source of entertainment for the audience.

Through video on demand previous live streamed content may be recycled to a wider audience, creating more joy and additional revenue. Consumers spend hours daily engaging with digital content. Consumption of entertainment is fast growing on digital platforms. Make sure you can utilise this opportunity to generate revenue for your own business.

Up-selling success

Just The Tonic Comedy Club’s first Working From Home show was live-streamed on TicketCo Media Services Saturday May 9th with great success, and the comedy club is planning its next show on May 30th.

Besides the virtual ticket sales, the show generated some great up-selling numbers for ROKiT Drinks and their premium ABK Beer. More than 1,000 units were purchased through TicketCo’s up-selling function, and delivered to the audience in cases to their homes prior to the show. Read this story here.

Streaming to 70 countries

In Sweden Vasateatern along with streaming community Bring it Home, tech company Streamteam and booking agency MTA Production are planning a huge event on May 30th. Waterloo – a tribute to ABBA will go live on TicketCo Media Services that evening, and if you visit this event in the TicketCo platform you will find that they will broadcast in 70 different countries throughout the world!

This proves that borders are no limitations within TicketCo Media Services, if the organisers don’t want them to be so due to DRM or other reasons.

Palma Music Studios

Another very exciting Swedish sign up with TicketCo Media Services is Mallorca based Palma Music Studios. This is a world-class, newly built music recording studio, run by well-established music producer and songwriter Fredrik Thomander, in the beautiful and vibrant city of Palma de Mallorca.

Palma Music Studios have had clients from all over the world visiting to create and record music, and many of the songs produced there have become hits on several continents. The studio is used for everything from live band recordings, songwriting camps, voice-over work, audio books, concerts in the live room and master classes, and they will now add live streamed events to their exciting portfolio.

JaegerStream broadcasting live from the sauna DJ booth

Jaeger is an intimate club nestled in the heart of the Norwegian capital, Oslo. The club is a sonic manifesto lifted straight from the disco provocateurs of the seventies, and an expansive understanding of house and techno. They have one foot firmly in the future, the other anchored in the past and their debt to the pioneering dance music scenes.

Through TicketCo Media Services Jaeger are doing virtual JaegerStreams in these unprecedented times, broadcasting live from their sauna DJ booth every Wednesday to Sunday evening.

Hybrid solutions

Last week the Norwegian government opened up for live events with a limited number of attendees (right now 50), and crowds of this size has been legal in Sweden throughout the whole COVID-19 crisis. Hopefully we will see the UK authorities also enabling these kind of events in the near future.

In Norway we are now experiencing organisers putting together hybrid events with virtual live streaming tickets combined with a limited number of physical tickets. This is a great way to use the flexibility within the TicketCo platform, and a great way to ease the impact of the crisis.

Blaa success revisited

The successful TicketCo Media Services premiere at the Oslo venue Blaa at April 25th was covered in our first TicketCo Media Services newsletter, published at May 5th. Since then ACT Entertainment – who are both agency and management for the band No. 4 – have published a thorough case study on the live streamed event. This should be read by everyone who are considering doing live streamed events. Click this link for the case study.

At Blaa they are now doing regular live streamed events. Click this link for their programme.

More great news coming soon

These days we are signing up and on-boarding some really big organisers in both Norway, Sweden and United Kingdom, and we’ll have some massive virtual events coming. Our next newsletter will be quite something.

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