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av | maj 22, 2020

After a successful launch of live streaming as a service we’ve now added video on demand as a new feature to TicketCo Media Services. This offer yet another great tool for monetising digital content.

TicketCo Media Services is a streaming service for digital content that is built into the existing TicketCo platform. This offers event organisers the ability to sell pay-per-view tickets for both live streams and video content.

The TicketCo platform has hosted ten-thousands of events and processed millions of transactions, and even before the deployment of TicketCo Media Services it was one of the smoothest, abundant, and most user friendly event payments solutions on the market.

Monetising digital content

When COVID-19 hit the event industry, TicketCo reacted quickly and innovated by creating TicketCo Media Services – a pay-per-view live streaming service built into the TicketCo platform. Besides being able to monetise on live streams, another benefit for event organisers is the ability use the existing platform to up-sell, and combine physical and virtual tickets.

Live streaming was one of two core parts of the streaming service. The second part which is released now is a video on demand component for the TicketCo Media Services product.

The event organiser can upload pre-made video content into the streaming service and sell the content to viewers. A typical use case scenario is that a event organiser runs a live stream, records it and continues the monetisation of the digital content after the initial live stream. This is achieved by uploading the recorded live-stream to TicketCo and sell pay per view tickets. In effect you can monetise the digital content twice.

12 reasons to choose TicketCo Media Services

These are just some of the many benefits you can achieve through the unique combination of TicketCo and TicketCo Media Services:

  • Sell tickets to live streams (HD quality)
  • Sell tickets to video on demand (HD quality)
  • Flexible selling of pay per view tickets and tickets to physical events such as drive in shows
  • End to end shopper journey, no fragmentation of technologies and experiences
  • Apple TV, Android TV, Amazon Fire TV apps for shoppers right on their streaming devices
  • Up-selling opportunities of other items for sale
  • Google Analytics e-commerce tracking
  • Set country restrictions on viewers to be in control of licensing
  • Digital Rights Management (DRM) to prevent unauthorised viewing
  • Your own branding towards shoppers
  • Localised content
  • Local payment methods

Why you should join

Consumers spend hours daily engaging with digital content. Consumption of entertainment is fast growing on digital surfaces. Make sure you can utilise this opportunity to generate revenue for your own business.

How it works

The TicketCo platform is the paywall, authentication wall and viewer point for your shoppers. TicketCo Media Services is not a fragmented service where payments and the streaming service are separate technologies.

TicketCo Media Services is a live streaming, and a video on demand feature, built on broadcasting grade technology from Amazon Web Services. When you live-stream or upload your content into the TicketCo Media Services service the content is encoded and made available on a CDN to support potentially million of viewers. We support Geo restrictions and DRM to safeguard that you are on top of your copyright and licensing issues.

Is it easy to get going with a paid live-stream?

Yes is is easy.

  1. Create an event in the TicketCo platform
  2. Decide the price on your live-stream
  3. Select what countries to allow viewing from
  4. Broadcast from your location into the TicketCo Media Services service (through a RTMP compatible software)

Is it easy to get going with a paid video on demand?

  1. Upload your video content into TicketCo Media Services service
  2. Create an event in the TicketCo platform
  3. Decide the price on your content
  4. Select what countries to allow viewing from
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