Learn about season tickets from TicketCo

Get the best seats with a season ticket

Do you often attend the home games of your team? Do you want a regular seat on the tribune? Now you can purchase season tickets from TicketCo. Maybe you want tickets to all the home games? To the seasons four large games? To the playoffs? Check out what season tickets are available from your team at the TicketCo website. Our season tickets are built on the same principals as everything else in TicketCo: it is easy and secure. As a season tickets holder you get one unique QR code that you will use to all the included games.

Using the season ticket

Bring your phone or a paper copy of the code to the game. By the entrance you will then get the QR code scanned, or you can refer to the unique reference number that is linked to the code. It could hardly be any easier.

Important to know about season tickets

– The season tickets can only be used at the event organiser from whom it is purchased from, and only to its associated games. – Unused values from season tickets are non refundable.

Any further questions?

Contact our support team by sending an email to support@ticketco.uk, or click the button below

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