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With TicketCo you create more sales opportunities, make your marketing more effective and introduce an incredibly smooth customer journey that your audience will love


How attractions can sell more tickets and generate more sales is quite simple really. It’s all about payments! When making payments widely available and quicker to process, your sales will increase. Why it’s difficult for attractions to execute this straightforward methodology is down to the fragmentation caused by separate suppliers and systems. When we work with attractions these are the most common challenges identified and the way we provide the solutions:

Difficulties scaling the ticket sales online

A ticketing solution is normally integrated with your website and this is where all the online ticket sales are taking place. If you would scale your ticket sales online this would have to be done through affiliate platforms with separate technology and feed building which take both time and effort. This is why TicketCo help ticketing staff at attractions with a solution that requires only a few clicks and all your tickets are also available on firstly your own Facebook page and also available via iFrames on your local newspaper site and any other influencers and partners you would like to use. Our solution avoids ticket sales cross-over and separate build of feeds. We also offer a built in affiliate payment system where you set yourself how much you’d like to pay each affiliate for the sale they make for you and the payments are made automatically without manual input. Another important part in selling tickets online is the checkout steps, and TicketCo’s checkout process is so optimised and lean that minimal dropout can be expected.

Our team is eager to sell tickets, but we don’t have the means to do it

This is a typical situation where your sales points are locked to your website and the attraction entrance. We enable additional revenue sources by providing technology where you can sell from anywhere. TicketCo integrates with iZettle’s contactless card readers which means you can be as creative as you like – such as open a pop-up box office just before the bank holidays or half-term at the largest shopping centre in town and sell tickets.

In peak times queues build up and we don’t have a solution for this

The solution is simple — we mentioned that sales performance is all about payments and that’s exactly what the solution is about. Queues build up due to waiting time for transaction processing and other lengthy verification. The solution is to remove it by enable some very easy features that everyone will enjoy using:

  1. Bundle ticket sales with food, drinks, souvenirs and everything else you sell on-site. You are then not only able to sell more in advance but also letting the visitor collect the goods with ease on-site without any additional lengthy transactions.
  2. Mobile tickets do wonders for shorter processing time at the entrance. The more mobile tickets you check in with QR code scanning the shorter the overall queuing at the entrance will be — and let’s be honest, most of us prefer m-tickets when going to events!
  3. Also let your visitors use click-and-collect on their phones at the attraction. This feature makes it so easy to purchase and reduces several minutes per customer at the stands.


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