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How the TicketCo organiser app makes your life easier

Helping event organisers to keep things simple, efficient, fast and digital is what we do. With TicketCo’s event organiser app it is not just another app on your phone, but a very powerful tool that works alongside you throughout the whole event to make you succeed -...

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Sports club finds new revenue stream by throwing concerts

This is a brilliant example on how a sports club turns their facilities into a new source of income. By welcoming thousands of festive locals to enjoy a double concert, this club will not only earn good money but they also found a sustainable way in doing so. "We have...

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Facebook’s algorithm – How to achieve the best results

Are you curious about how to achieve the best results on Facebook? Or how you can build followers and reach a broader audience? Facebook has now released the insights into how the feed works with its algorithms and signals. Most people know that what is shown in your...

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Football club success with digital season tickets

The football club Stabak switched to TicketCo as their ticketing vendor for the 2018 season. They were primarily looking for digital solutions that would make it easier to sell and renew season tickets. The success was immediate already on day one for the club; not...

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One happy minister

Happy ticket buyers is always a pleasure. But when the ticket buyer is the Minister of Modernisation and the reason for his acclaim is TicketCo's digital season ticket, it is extra nice to witness. The Norwegian minister of local government and modernisation - Jan...

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David Kenny at your service

“This was a big decision for me to make, and it took a lot of thought. The thing that was decisive in the end was the entrepreneurs, their product, and their personalities.” Three months after their UK launch, TicketCo have found their new Country Manager. David Kenny...

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