10 Steps To Streaming Success

by | Jan 21, 2021

With mass gatherings unfeasible for the unforeseeable future, event production is taking on new guises and finding new ways of reaching out. Live and on-demand pay-per-view (PPV) events have kicked off across the event industry, maintaining the strong relationships between Arts & Culture and the audience and generating valuable revenue streams in times of dried out box offices.

TicketCo was the first full service ticketing and payments platform to provide a fully integrated streaming solution, and TicketCo Media Services has received a remarkable reception across theatre, arts and culture in the UK and beyond. With Wise Children and a few other innovators and early adopters paving the way, live and on-demand pay-per-view events are now booming across the theatre industry.

To simplify the usage of TicketCo Media Services, our Customer Success Agents Jessica Goodfellow and Darren Connaughton have joined forces with Wise Children’s Technical Director Simon Baker (who recently was acclaimed the 2021 The Stage Awards achievement in technical theatre) to produce a complete support document for TicketCo Media Services. This job is now done, and today we are launching this highly sought-after package.

TicketCo Media Service’s 10 steps to Streaming Success covers this content:

  • Introduction & event details
  • Ticket types
  • Branding & marketing tools
  • Reporting
  • Connecting the broadcast in TicketCo Media Services
  • Production: hardware & software
  • Production: key concepts
  • Production: optimising with OBS Studio
  • Stream health
  • Box Office enquiries & final comments

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