3 ways to stay open during lockdown

by | Nov 4, 2020

UK is closing down again, and the impact on the event industry will once again be massive. Due to strict regulations the lockdown will also restrain streaming activities, as the venues will stay closed and the artistic and technical staff required to produce live streaming content need to stay at home. But there are still streaming possibilities available.

The guidance to the New National Restrictions from 5 November, published by the Cabinet Office 31 October 2020, clearly states that businesses and venues are to stayed closed throughout November.

You can find the guidance here

Since the introduction of TicketCo TV we have seen a lot of UK organisers succeeding with pay-per-view live streaming and video on demand through our platform. The latest successes includes Southbank Centre, Wise Children and Wayward Productions.

The lockdown regulations effective from 5 November will complicate the ability to produce live content for pay-per-view streaming, but it will not make it impossible. There is still a great opportunity space open for organisers who want to generate revenue during the lockdown, and to engage with their audience at the same time.

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