5 Digital Strategies to Activate Your Global Audience

By 8VA Music Consultancy | Nov 2, 2021

Article #4 in TicketCo’s ongoing series on hybrid events

Yielding Results with Your Resources.

Local to global – it’s a trend that the classical music industry has seen coming and was preemptively forced into sooner rather than later because of the necessity of digital concerts over the past two years. The silver lining that arts organizations have found internationally is the potential to exponentially expand their audience through digital concert programming. But how should your organization utilize its resources to yield results? 8VA Music Consultancy’s experience leading the Western-focused digital advertising campaign for Bergen International Festival’s hybrid 2021 season this past May and June, resulted in over 1.6 million impressions. We focused on these five strategies in our digital marketing campaign and your organization can too at any budget to actualize a global network.


A tried-and-true staple of any digital campaign, concert listings never go out of style and are friendly to budgets of all sizes. Opt for a combination of listings at arts-focused and larger scale outlets with a 40/60 ratio of local to global. Many sites feature a concert listing section, which is free to submit to. If you’re working with an outlet for an extensive advertising collaboration, be sure to include listings as part of your package.

Banner Ads

Like listings, banner ads have been here and remain a crucial component of any digital campaign. When thinking about the text to include on your banner ad, ask yourself what the audience of each site would want to hear in order to convert them into an active part of your community. Chances are, you’d want to cue them in on what makes your program special. That’s why for Bergen, we often highlighted the festival’s multidisciplinary nature with the headline “Music, Theatre, Dance, and More.” Makes you want to know more, yes?

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An expertly crafted advertorial (a sponsored blurb) is an invitation to your new potential listener. Think of it as an opportunity to share the most striking aspects of your concert or festival. The temptation here can be likened to that of a breakfast buffet, to get in a little bit of everything. So when in doubt, keep it simple. Focus on a clear message to engage your reader and convert them into an active digital concert goer.


The superpower of email newsletters should never be underestimated as they have the ability to reach and sustain incredibly high and in-depth levels of engagement. For those who are supporting outlets as partners, include newsletter placements as part of the package. If you’re working with a small budget, there are still ways to make email work for you. The most effective long-term strategy is to tap into your existing network and build your own robust email list! For short-term turnarounds, consider phoning any friends who have existing newsletters of any kind and asking them to feature your concert or series.

Social Media

You may be surprised to find social media last on this list; that was intentional. What may surprise you further is that newsletters have an exponentially higher conversion rate than social media does. This said, social media is the face of each organization and is an accessible way to reach a very large audience. If you have a small budget, a little money in Facebook advertising goes a long way!

Photo: Thor Brødreskift / 2021 Bergen International Festival

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