5 tips on how to use Facebook Live to increase sales

Sep 13, 2017

Facebook has grown quickly and through their live streaming feature, Facebook Live, it’s become an incredibly effective media channel. Did you know that this is a tool you should use to increase your sales?

Just picture this: There are a few hours left until the concert starts. The band is doing sound checks. Pre-sales have been good. It is likely to be a good night. However, there are still some tickets left, and if you sold out the night would be perfect.

How can you spread the word?

How can you deliver your message so close to the start of the event? And how can you tempt your audience to ditch their plans for the evening and buy your tickets?

Use Facebook Live

First of all, you need a ticketing system that can easily handle last minute sales. And lastly, use Facebook live.

Sales triggering live-stream


Most of us check our Facebook quite a few times during the evening, even when watching TV. Imagine the effect if a video from the sound check finds its way into the Facebook feed of those nearby. That must be the best way to sell the show for those who intended to go but never got around to buying tickets?

Here is how to do it:

In the TicketCo world, the event organisers are heroes, and it is our job to make it possible for our heroes to sell tickets. In this quick guide, we give you five tips on how to utilise Facebook Live to sell more tickets. Good luck!
1. Analyse the content you want to publish and how the audience will respond to it
There are different reasons as to why people choose to attend an event, and it’s usually the trigger of of emotions. So when communicating with the audience through Facebook live you must appeal to just that; their emotions. Make them feel as though your event directly affects them; Their favourite song, good friends, smiling staff, the fear of missing something exciting or their favourite team scoring goals, all of these factors can trigger the emotions to the intended audience.
2. Set goals before you post
Is the goal to sell tickets straight away? Building a long-term brand? To get people out of their home and to a concert? The message you post should reflect this. Remember, there is some legal obligations for live streaming. For instance, if you were to post live audio from the sound check, it is important to get the approval from the artist. Remember to trigger emotions – perhaps you could have the artist actively participate in the broadcast? Another alternative is to write a post directly towards the audience.
3. What audience are you targeting?
Everyone is different, and have different reasons as to why they go to events. Therefore, you should carefully think through the audience you want to communicate to. As there are different things that trigger us, it is important to know exactly what type of audience you want for the live stream. To make more people watch the live stream, a good tip is to announce the live stream beforehand, so people are aware of when it is happening.
4. Make sure to follow the live stream
To succeed, you need to engage people. This is something that needs to be thoughts through, even if it sounds obvious. People can comment and engage in your broadcast, so it is important to read and answer questions. The goal of the live stream is to connect with the people watching.
5. Analyse
When you finish the live stream, you should analyse the effect it had. If your goal was to sell tickets, make sure to use the TicketCo tracking link to see how the live stream affected your sales. Some other questions to consider in the analysis:
  • Was the timing good?
  • Was the stream too long or too short?
  • Which part of the stream caused the most engagement?
  • Did we achieve our goal?
  • Check Facebook video metrics as well.

Want to know more about how to strengthen your event business? Feel free to contact us and we are happy to assist.

Written by TicketCo

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