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Sep 25, 2017

When a big professional football club chose a new ticketing vendor, its more than just the price that is a deciding factor.

In the last bid that TicketCo won, there were four relevant suppliers in the picture. TicketCo was the most complete supplier with its functional offering.

The list of what only TicketCo can offer is long and substantial:


  • The only supplier who does not require username and password from the ticket buyers
  • The only supplier with Facebook integration
  • The only player who can connect ticket purchases and merchandise in the same customer journey
  • The only player who can connect ticket purchases and lodging in the same customer journey
  • The only player with flexible solutions to put together different match packages and season tickets
  • The only player with tickets for wallet/passbook
  • The only player with season tickets for wallet/passbook
  • The only player without restrictions on the number of users
  • The only player offering the audience fast track payment
  • The only player with questionnaire feature
  • The only player with *contact ticket buyers* function
  • The only player with options for automatic price adjustment
  • The only player with Mailchimp integration


“We’re competing against the biggest players on the field when the big clubs are on the lookout for a new ticketing vendor, and in that kind of context it is almost unreal to see how much we differ from the rest”, says Carl-Erik Michalsen Moberg, CSO and founder of TicketCo.
He believes that the reason behind this is that TicketCo has been developed in close dialogue with customers, and that the tool therefore solves specific tasks that customers think the other systems lack.
“I am surprised that we are the only one on the market that provides a complete sales tool. This is not a list of ‘nice-to-have’ functions, but rather ‘need-to-have’s'”, adds Carl-Erik.

Must think ahead

When big football clubs are now transferring to TicketCo, Moberg takes this as a confirmation that the clubs must think of the future.

“Our customers have realised that the tickets do not sell themselves, and tomorrows ticket sales are different for yesterdays. It’s a hard to sell to your audience, and it’s not enough to have a good product anymore. You also need the correct tools that sells your product”, concludes Moberg.


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Written by TicketCo

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