A gift card solution for the event organiser

Sep 30, 2017

Dear event organiser. Have you ever questioned if your ticketing system works as it should in terms of gift cards?

No? We get that, as gift card solutions available so do not exactly give organisers the value boost needed. How does it really benefit you that your audience buys a gift card that is locked to a specific ticketing vendor? Perhaps you do not even use this provider? Or you might risk that the gift card bought with one of your events in mind instead gets used on another event. This does not earn you any money. This issue was our starting point when we started developing the gift card solution for TicketCo, and we chose to flip the incorporated industry standards. Instead of locking the gift card to us as a ticketing vendor, we locked it to you as an organiser. This allows the audience to gift others with your events, and you can be certain that your ticket sale will benefit from the gift.

So simple, yet so different

Our gift cards can only be used for tickets and items from the organiser it is purchased from. They also have an expiration date, and they cannot be used after this. The remaining values on this card will not be refunded and therefore goes to you, the organiser. Like everything at TicketCo, the gift cards are digital, easy to use and fully integrated into the markets best and most complete organiser tools; where seamless card payment and easy access control are among the attributes. And of course; through the organiser app the gift card sales can easily be organised as you wish.

Satisfied Customers

Tysnesfest is one of Norway’s biggest festivals, and is a new customer of TicketCo. The sale of festival passes, camping and boat spots for next year’s festival is well underway, and the local newspaper told the festival director, Øystein Vaage, that they have never experienced this much interest so early on, compared to previous years. “It’s great that the gift cards are made with us, the organisers, in mind”, says Vaage. He says that they “will promote gift cards for next year’s festival for the upcoming Christmas sales in Tysnes”, and he believes this will boost sales further. Another big organiser who is now using TicketCo’s gift card solution is the concert venue Foynhagen in Norway. They have concerts and shows throughout the year, and with the new gift card solution, this is sure to be a winner for the Christmas shoppers in the area.
“The gift card solution TicketCo has have been a very good experience so far”, says Jon Terje Johnsen, from Foynhagen, after a few days of sales.

Written by TicketCo

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