A revolutionised season ticket

Sep 23, 2017

TicketCo’s solution for season tickets offers brand new opportunities for organisers.

Three of the main challenges are now resolved; increase of revenue, reduced costs and improved customer experience.

The traditional season ticket is a physical RFID card in plastic, printed by the organiser or by the organisers ticketing provider. The RFID cards have a high price per card, and if you have several categories and designs on them, it will be a substantial cost for the organiser.

TicketCo has now revolutionised the traditional season ticket by making it digital


As a consequence of this, the potential investment of five-digit amounts will completely or partially disappear. Traditionally, a RFID seasonal ticket lasts for two seasons. Depending on the clubs’ sales of seasonal tickets, it would imply an investment of up to £10,000 every other year, or more frequently by external drivers such as switching of sponsors, change in league branding etc.
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“When the seasonal ticket is completely digital, the purchase is reduced to a minimum requirement, and the organiser can easily choose to improve the cost or reinvest all or part of the amount in targeted sales and marketing activities to work on increasing the volume of sales for the season tickets”, says Dag Frode Algerøy, Country Manager for Norway in TicketCo.

Flexible content – Custom season tickets


TicketCo’s seasonal ticket solution breaks the traditional layout, and according to Algerøy, gives the organiser full freedom to custom design the packages to suit the customers’ demands. The organiser can create custom season tickets, here are some examples of this from Algerøy:
  • Traditional season tickets with all home matches during a season
  • Half year season ticket
  • Summer package
  • The Big 4 (which could be the four most attractive matches, which can be complemented by two less attractive matches that you can have as a “free” bonus in the package)
“Overall, this gives the organiser the opportunity to maximise the seasonal ticket sales and the digital age makes this a unique selling proposition especially towards the younger crowd”, states Algerøy.

The digital seasonal ticket increases the ease of use


It is usually a challenge to get the crowd that buys individual tickets to instead buy season tickets for the next season. Through this solution, the organisers now have the freedom to build their own packages, also utilising the customer database to easier move the customers from single purchase to season tickets. Algerøy believes that “this should be one of several important strategic elements for how clubs can increase loyalty, as well as increased revenue”.
“The digital season ticket also solves another challenge”, according to Algerøy; The lost season ticket, whether it is left on the table at home, a different wallet or at your vacation home, which you cannot get in time for the most important match of the season. Through simple routines to retrieve season tickets from the database and re-publishing to the season ticket holders phone, the customer service experience is massively increased compared to having to queue up at the ticketing booth, to then having to pay to get the season ticket reprinted, and end up being late for kick-off.

Algerøy believes that “Events made easy cannot be simpler than this, whilst increasing the overall experience of the audience”. When the season ticket is due to be renewed, these elements are based on the importance of sporting success (or lack of success) and makes the organiser less dependent on results and price. “This is because of the customer-friendly handling of the seasonal ticket makes it easy for the customer to make the decision to renew their ticket”, says Algerøy.

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