Altrincham FC praise TicketCo TV for generating vital revenue while playing behind closed doors

by | Oct 16, 2020

Not a single fan being allowed to attend National League fixtures is close to a surrealistic situation. It’s also a revenue disaster for the clubs, and it leaves their fans without access to their matches.

TicketCo TV is a smart way around this problem. Pay-per-view live streaming of the matches, with a smooth customer journey and only 8% fee for the joint ticketing and streaming solution, ensures business as usual for the clubs in these unusual times, and it brings the fixtures straight home to the TV sets of the home and away supporters.

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“Any club would be crazy to ignore the capacities of live streaming,” said Altrincham FC’s co-chairman when speaking to TicketCo after their successful launch of TicketCo TV.

“One key attraction to us was the fact the payment and streaming service was all available via one platform,” explained Bill Waterson.

The TicketCo TV platform was set up quickly and the operational team at Altrincham and completed their training swiftly.

“Getting set up and getting the team up to sped with the technology was incredibly straight forward,” said Mr Waterson.

“We were able to get set up and operational in no time at all and haven’t looked back.”

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Global outreach

TicketCo’s pay-per-view online streaming service also helped Altrincham reach a global audience and potentially unlock a new international fanbase.

Prior to the COVID-19 outbreak, National League clubs were unable to live stream its games to users in the UK. Should those restrictions return, Altrincham bosses may consider setting up a live stream service for supporters that do not live in the British Isles.

Mr Waterson said: “The analytics from Saturday’s game really opened our eyes. We had viewers tune in from Belgium, the Netherlands, Norway and Canada – one person even watched from Afghanistan.

“It’s exciting to learn this new information. Although we only have a small fanbase outside of the UK, we will consider providing a live streaming service to supporters that live abroad once COVID-19 restrictions ease. TicketCo make the service we provide easy to execute, so we’d be silly not to consider these opportunities for the future.”

Streaming football all across the UK

Altrincham FC is far from the only UK football club to utilise TicketCo TV during COVID-19. FC Isle of Man was the first club to use the streaming service when they welcomed Guernsey FC for a friendly at the Bowl in Douglas prior to the North West Counties League Division One this season.

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Since then several UK clubs both within football and other sports have signed up with TicketCo TV, and they will soon have their fixtures available for their supporters in HD quality through web browsers and the TicketCo TV apps for Apple TV, Android TV and Amazon Fire TV. Fan engagement is also possible through our live chat functionality.

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