Cashless beer festival through 4G

by | Sep 12, 2018

A product demo during the rural music festival Tysnesfest in Norway convinced Scottish Mungo Finlayson of Banchory Beer Festival that TicketCo’s mobile cashless solution with the TicketCo Wallet app was perfect for his own event. Only a few weeks later, the cashless beer festival was on with TicketCo as their new supplier.

“Friday the 13th of July was my first encounter with this new sales tool. In the middle of nowhere, on a remote island on the west coast of Norway, TicketCo had invited us together with several UK prospects to witness how their mobile cashless sales would play out during a large festival. I was stunned by the simplicity,” says one of the two partners in MGFG Events Ltd.

In fact the enthusiasm was so great that he decided to take immediate action.

“With Banchory Beer Festival coming up in just a few weeks there were no time for hesitation. We figured that a cashless app that ran perfectly on 4G on a remote island in Norway and serving a crowd of almost 30,000 over four days, is clearly fully capable of doing the same for us in rural Scotland on 4G, with a crowd of 3,000 people over three days. And so it was,” says Mr Finlayson.

The TicketCo Wallet app – so how does it work?

The app is packed with easy-to-use functionalities that makes cashless payments easy for event attendees. The dashboard offers five actions:

BUY: Tap to find events, to buy tickets and cashless credit.

CASHLESS – Tap to see your Cashless balance, and also to top up with more credit for the event when needed.

USE – Tap to display the unique QR code to the merchant to collect your purchases.

RECEIPTS – Every purchase generates a receipt automatically for the user and stored in the app.

MESSAGES – Push notifications from the event organiser pops up automatically on the attendees screen and are also stored here.

Give it a go! Download the app here:

A much smoother festival

“Previously we have been running our bar sales on tokens. When comparing, the TicketCo’s mobile solution was a huge improvement. Now people could just download the app and top up even before reaching the festival. Then go straight to the bar when getting here. The majority of people were using the app when topping up so it worked really well. For those few who didn’t we offered two top-up stations with TicketCo’s token cards that could be paid by cash or card. This eliminated token queues significantly and everything ran much smoother this year,” says the festival manager.

“Besides that, the customers automatically received receipts in their app for each purchase they made. In that way they could see what new beers they had enjoyed throughout the weekend and later buy them in local shops. In addition, they could easily keep track of their own spending. Another huge improvement,” he adds.

TicketCo’s cashless solution at Banchory Beer Festival:

Both ticketing and bar sales

MGFG Events Ltd are running several festivals and events throughout the UK and their intent is to use TicketCo for all their public sales. The next one up is Inverurie Beer Festival the 28th – 29th September.

“For next years Banchory Beer Festival, TicketCo will handle the ticketing as well as our bar sales, and we are really looking forward to gather all sales on one platform. This will ease our bookkeeping tremendously, and make it really easy to have full overview at any time. We are looking forward to a long and valuable relationship with TicketCo,” concludes Mungo Finlayson.

Interested in TicketCo’s mobile cashless solution for your event too?

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