Cashless festival celebration in Southwark Park

by | Jun 8, 2018

Nearly 2.000 Norwegian expats were gathered in London’s Southwark Park on May 17th for the celebration of the Norwegian Constitution Day, or as the BBC News reported; “London park transformed for Norwegian party”. For the first time in history of this annual event they were offered cashless payments.

Collecting cash is an ungrateful task, and it requires a lot of administration. This year we had full overview during the event, and afterwards TicketCo deposited all takings direct into our bank account and presented a complete, detailed report on our ticket sale and all other sales made during the event,” says committee leader Kåre Sivertsen of the May 17th celebration in Southwark Park.

Furthermore, their new sales system were highly appreciated by the many attendants.

Not everyone carries around cash, as we are getting used to pay by cards or with our smartphones. As an event organiser we needed a solution to meet these demands, and the answer we found was TicketCo,” Sivertsen states.

An annual tradition

The annual May 17th celebration in London has been arranged since the 70s. Originally it took place in Battersea Park, but it was then moved to Southwark Park to get closer to the coinciding celebrations in St. Olav’s Church.

The typical attendant is a Norwegian expat living in London on a permanent or temporary basis, and each year a speech is made by a special guest of honour. This years speaker was the Norwegian Minister of Culture, Trine Skei Grande.

All types of sales

May 17th is first and foremost a celebration day for children. All across Norway there are children’s parades with marching bands, waving flags and joyful cheers.

The London celebrations are also focusing on the children.

“Our inflatable giant bouncy castle was a huge success this year. We offered day passes through TicketCo which resulted in a lot of happy children jumping up and down throughout the whole day,” says Sivertsen.

The organiser also used TicketCo for their lottery and other sale of goods.

“Our May 17th lottery is a vital part of our celebration and fundraising as well as Constitution Day merchandise and ice cream. We handled all our different types of sales through TicketCo, and are really pleased with how it worked,” concludes the committee leader.

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