Combined QR-Code makes life easier

Oct 5, 2017

The visitor shouldn’t need to flip through the phone for different codes.

The user experience is the essence of TicketCo, and we have now made life easier for both the audience and the organiser by gathering all tickets and items associated with an event in one QR code. It has been a while since TicketCo only provided ticketing solutions. Today, we provide a complete sales solution for our organisers, who sell food and drinks, accommodation, merchandise and other articles through our platform.

This has eliminated many fragmented sales reports, making life as an organiser a little bit easier.

Simpler Logistics

At the same time, there has been a slight challenge logistically for the audience, who had to keep track of several QR codes from TicketCo when they have purchased food, drinks or other items at a convert, festival or sporting event. We have now solved this problem.

Group QR codes

By using the group QR codes, all items purchased in one order are gathered in just one QR code. There are many benefits from this, both for the audience as for you as an organiser.

The audience does not have to look through their phone for the right code; they now just have one code to deal with at each event. It simplifies the user experience for both the ticket holder as well as those working at the event creates a better overview and makes it easier to keep track for both the audience and the people working in the bar.

Automatic Feature

The new group coding is an automatic feature that will be applied to all sales via TicketCo. Since the feature will be applied automatically in the near future, it is important that one updates to the latest version of the TicketCo organiser app so the new QR codes can be validated. One can find the update in Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

Written by TicketCo

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