Content distribution – how to scale to millions of viewers

by | Jul 7, 2020

TicketCo use a content delivery network (CDN) to distribute your digital content which could be live stream and/or stored video content within the TicketCo TV service.

There are multiple advantages using a CDN for streaming purposes:

  1. Your viewer will experience faster load time
  2. The amount of viewers can scale up into millions
  3. Increased security with encrypted communication between the CDN and your viewer

A CDN consist of clusters of servers that store content for fast distribution to a viewer. These server clusters consist of data centres that are located geographically at central locations and exchange points on the internet. When a viewer is connected to your live stream or your want to view your stored video content, the viewer is connected to TicketCo´s CDN and will stream content from the CDN. The viewer is not technically accessing the original content but replicated data. All of this happens automatically and is not something you need to think about when you are using the TicketCo TV service.

When you live stream through TicketCo TV your live streamed content is ‘packaged’ in the TicketCo TV service, then redistributed through TicketCo´s CDN. This ensures that your content will be available to millions of viewers. Because a CDN has a huge amount of servers available the scaling capacity is very large. And your viewer, when using the pay per view ticket you have sold, will be connected to the TicketCo CDN. The principle is identical when a viewer is accessing your video on demand content. This content is also streamed through the TicketCo CDN.

Schematic of the role of the CDN for your content:

The content that is streamed will automatically be distributed to the most optimal server locations from the viewer point of view. This is a truly global function and will work for any viewer. In other words the CDN scalability is global.

All the communication between the CDN and your viewer is also encrypted to safeguard security.

It is important to emphasise that TicketCo TV gives you complete control of distribution of your content. The TicketCo TV service does not support distribution of content to networks that remove control of how your content is presented. I.e. Facebook Live and You Tube live is not supported. These distribution networks will either add ads on top of your video content or ads around your content. The TicketCo TV service is a pay per view service where you as the content creator is in control of who will be able to access your content.