Culture Festival Without the Paper Chaos

Nov 20, 2017

“TicketCo is an excellent solution for voluntary work in the cultural sector”, says Birgit Karbo from Bergen municipality in Norway.
On October 28th, Åsane Kulturfest, a cultural festival celebrated over ten days, commences. The festival is organised in collaboration between voluntary organisations and Bergen municipality at the Arna and Åsane culture department. Birgit Karbo is a consultant at the Arna and Åsane culture department and is the project manager for Kulturfest Åsane. She is also one of the people who make sure to facilitate the many teams and organisations so they can reach out to an audience for their events. Together with the senior executive, Sissel Westeras, Karbo is looking forward to utilising TicketCo during this year’s cultural festival.
“At previous events, ticket sales have been a bit of a headache for us. Here at the cultural offices we have juggled dozens of envelopes with tickets and cash for various previous events”, says Karbo. “It was TicketCo and their card payment solution that made us contact TicketCo. We needed a better solution for ticket sales at the culture department and at events. In addition to this, we also wanted to be able to sell tickets online”, says Westerås.
The solution TicketCo created for Åsane Kulturfest was that the culture department was appointed a coordinating role for the entire festival. There are also separate agreements between TicketCo and the various organisers whom are contributing to the festival. Thus, the audience can now choose to buy tickets online, on Facebook, at the culture department or at the entrance, all while the different organisers get the ticket settlement directly into their account. The era of envelope and cash chaos is now history.

TicketCo is great for charity and voluntary work

“As of right now, there are only a few of our organisers whom use TicketCo, but we believe that within the next year this will change. The system is easy to use, and it provides a good overview. In addition to this, we believe that the audience will find this more professional than previous solutions at the events. We believe that TicketCo is a great system for voluntary work in the cultural sector”, concludes Karbo and Westeras.

Written by TicketCo

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